Remember the Walkman? These Photos of Retro Sony Electronics Are a Blast from the Past

Sony design retrospective book by Rizzoli

My First Sony Series Walkman, 1987.

Image courtesy of Rizzoli.

There are certain products that can conjure an entire era with a single mention. Case in point: the Sony Walkman. The iconic portable audio player, which turns 36 this year, is just one of 89 game-changing gadgets featured in the new book Sony Design: Making Modern (Rizzoli, 2015). Two hundred and seventy-nine pages document the electronic brand’s history, from its origins in postwar Japan with the TR-63, the world’s first pocket-sized transistor radio, through Y2K-era robots and the Playstation gaming system to today’s paper-thin touchscreens. Expert essays and lavishly photographed products do more than tell the story of a company—they chart how the ways we consume media have changed over the past half century.