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Le 205 by Atelier Moderno

The architects have made room in a thick-skinned, brick workshop building for a family of three – four counting the dog. In Montreal’s Mile-Ex neighbourhood, it’s not unusual to find factories, restaurants, and single-family homes sharing the same block. A recent conversion by local outfit Atelier Moderno goes to show that it might even be difficult to tell which is which.

A New Generation of Art Buyers Look Online

'Oil On Canvas #13', Tomasz Kobialka (2013), Courtesy of Sleek-Art It’s probably trite to say that the Internet is transforming the very mechanisms that keep the art world ticking, but I’m going to say it anyway, because really: it’s the truth. Particularly, the increased appetite for buying art online has changed the structures of what we might call ‘decision-making’, because according to the Hiscox report Online Art Trade 2013, seeing a JPEG image is all that 71% of art collectors have needed in order to purchase a work online. Perhaps when it comes to younger buyers, whose understanding and appreciation of the World Wide Web is bred in their bones, this type of commitment isn’t as scary as for those who have been buying in person all their life.

Driss Ouadahi at Lawrie Shabibi

Driss Ouadahi 'Face à Face' (2014) Courtesy of Lawrie Shabibi Dubai gallery Lawrie Shabibi’s stated commitment to exhibiting the work of artists from Asia and the Arab world is manifested in a second solo show for Algerian artist Driss Ouadahi, whose ‘Inside Zenith’ actually turns its eye to the Middle East itself, examining and transforming the colossal new architectural forms of Dubai and the Gulf states.