Cutting-edge New York residential concepts revealed today

Katherine Houston

Dror architecture and design studios, headed up by Dror Benshetrit, unveiled today three new concept buildings: 100 Varick, 350 Bowery and 271 Fifth Avenue.

These new designs are showcased in the lead up to the New York-based studio's announcement of upcoming commissions where it has won two major architectural projects.

100 Varick

Geometrical and refined, 100 Varick is a combination of glass columns and criss-crossing beams spanning 25 floors and split into individual five-story units. 100 Varick was created for a closed competition headed up by developer Michael Shvo and uses a 'QuaDror exoskeleton', where glass is inserted into openings formed by the external frame. Its appearance is similar to a giant rubrics cube not quite completed and enclosed in a frame. The design was influenced by the structural efficiency of a 'diagrid' illustrated by Sir Norman Foster.


350 Bowery

Developer Sonny Bazbaz invited Dror to design a vision of an empty lot in downtown New York, leading the studio to ponder biophilic design - how will this residential block engage with the environment? The result is 350 Bowery, where many vertical structures exemplify a connection between the existing street level retail stores and the new residential blocks above.


281 Fifth Avenue

A central panel divides this housing unit into four sections, each different sizes, comparable to that of a giant pinwheel. The out looking three facades are made of glass, with one facing the adjacent unit's wet wall and also doubling as a projector screen where real-time imagery of the environment directly behind the wall can be projected. This can form a connection with existing views to create a continuous aesthetic.


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