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Pod Vending Machine concept by Haseef Rafiei tackles housing demand by printing modular homes

A skyscraper 3D prints modular homes and dispenses them like a vending machine in the latest instalment of our Dezeen x MINI Living Initiative video series. Read more

Faraday Future unveils electric car to rival Tesla’s – but its “driverless valet” malfunctions during CES demo


An American startup is taking on electric car supremo Tesla with this intelligent electric vehicle unveiled at CES 2017, but was left red-faced when one of its main features failed to work during a demo. Read more

Arturo Vittori’s Warka Water towers harvest clean drinking water from the air

Future Makers: in this exclusive movie, Italian architect Arturo Vittori explains how his wooden Warka Water structures can provide clean drinking water for rural communities in the developing world. Read more

Johnny Lui reimagines London planning process as multiplayer video game

Graduate shows 2016: in this movie, Royal College of Art graduate Johnny Lui explains his concept for a digital planning system, which architects would play like a video game to get projects built in the real world. (more…)

Wall-climbing mini robots build “entirely new structures” from carbon fibre

Researchers at the University of Stuttgart have devised a new method of construction using mini robots that they claim is cheap, fast and can create structures that would otherwise be impossible to build (+ movi…

Denise Schindler to become world’s first Paralympic cyclist to use 3D-printed prosthesis

Future Makers: German athlete Denise Schindler is working with Autodesk to become the first cyclist to compete with a fully 3D-printed prosthetic leg at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games (+ movie). (more…)