My Plans for 2018

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely break over the holidays? I arrived home in NYC from Norway late last night. My heart mate and I had an incredible vacation there between Christmas and New Year. You may have seen some of the pictures I shared on Instagram? Oh my, I just fell into love with Norway alllllll over again. I think it’s one of, if not the most, beautiful countries I’ve visited. It was so nice to travel for pleasure vs. work – it’s been a long time since we took a trip that was just for us. We hiked, we talked, we read, we cooked, we laughed, we cuddled. It was the best! I also had the time to practice my photography without pressure or guidelines, and it felt amazing to have the space and time to do that. Photography has always been one of my favorite parts of the content creation I work on for Bright.Bazaar. I can’t wait to share the content with you in the coming weeks and months. First, I’ve just gotta get through the shortlisting and editing of the 4,500+ photos I took…! See, I wasn’t joking when I […]

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Norway’s Polar Night

Between Christmas and New Year I took a week off work to head on vacation in Northern Norway. One cab, three flights and a bus journey later and I had made it from New York to Alta, Norway. If you were following along with my Instagram Story then you’ll know that when I landed at 2pm in the afternoon it was pitch black. This was because I was visiting the region in the middle of their ‘Polar Night’. Norway’s Polar Night is a period of time between November 25th and January 19th where the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon. I was excited to experience this phenomenon, and I’m pleased I did (and also very pleased I only had to experience it for three days; it’s intense!). Each day at around 11am the sky would start to gently glow – as long as it wasn’t snowing – and there would be around an hour of this faint glow before the sky would start to glow pink from below the horizon line, which is a bit like that moment just after the sun disappears from view in a normal sunset. One one of the days the whole sky lit up in […]

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Timelapse movie captures visitor centre created by Reiulf Ramstad in the Norwegian mountains

Reiulf Ramstad-designed Trollstigen Visitor Centre

This movie by videographer Alejandro Villanueva tours the Reiulf Ramstad-designed Trollstigen Visitor Centre in rural Norway, revealing how its network of pathways zigzag across a landscape of rugged mountains and deep fjords. Read more

Today we like: Norwegian houses


Today is Norwegian Constitution Day – an annual national holiday in the Scandinavian country that marks the anniversary of the signing of its constitution in 1814. To celebrate the occasion, we’re revisiting some of the most beautiful Norwegian house designs from our archive, including a remote cottage on the island of Vega (pictured) and a timber-clad home on a slope overlooking Oslo. See more Norwegian houses »