London Underground Architecture and Design Map by Blue Crow Media

All images: Will Scott for Blue Crow Media Yes, another map by Blue Crow Media. This time it’s the London Underground Architecture and Design Map. It’s likely to be a popular one too. Transport​ ​design historian​ ​and​ ​broadcaster​ ​Mark​ ​Ovenden​ ​has​ ​curated​ ​the​ ​first​ ​in​ ​Blue​ ​Crow​ ​Media’s​ ​new series​ ​of​ ​maps​ ​dedicated​ ​to​ ​the​ […]

Design spotting: Midcentury modern house jewellery by Tiny Scenic

So what do you buy the MCM house obsessive in your life for Christmas? Perhaps some midcentury modern house jewellery by Tiny Scenic. Ok, if finances permit it would be the house itself. But back in the real world, something like this would perhaps more to your (and our) budget. Take your pick from necklaces […]

Out now: Concrete​ ​Tokyo​ ​Map by​ Blue​ ​Crow​ ​Media

It’s map number 11 from Blue Crow Media, this time with the Concrete​ ​Tokyo​ ​Map. Concrete​ ​Tokyo​ ​Map​​ ​is​ ​a​ ​two-sided,​ ​bilingual​ ​guide​ ​to the city’s architecture, including​ ​a​ ​beautiful​ ​map​ ​of​ ​Tokyo, an​ ​introduction​ ​by​ ​Tokyo-based​ ​architecture​ ​by​ ​design​ ​writer​ ​Naomi​ ​Pollock, photographs​ ​by​ ​​Jimmy​ ​Cohrssen plus​ ​details​ ​of​ ​fifty​ ​selected​ ​concrete​ ​buildings. ​Architects​ […]

Out now: Modernist Belgrade Map by Blue Crow Media

It’s the series that keeps on growing. The latest addition is the Modernist Belgrade Map by Blue Crow Media. You know the rail now, this is a wonderful fold-out map showcasing the best modernist buildings in a particular location, in this case Belgrade. Edited by local architect and researcher Ljubica Slavkovica and with photographs by […]

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum now available as a Lego set

We love the Lego Architecture series. Primarily because it produces things like this Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Lego set. A landmark of 20th century architecture, this cylindrical Frank Lloyd Wright building dates back to 1959 and this set pretty much captures all of the details that made this so famous. So the Guggenheim’s modernist facade […]

London Brutalist Bookmarks by Another Studio

File under cute. Or even better, file these London Brutalist Bookmarks by Another Studio in your favourite books. Produced to scale (5000 times smaller than the real thing) the bookmark set celebrates four of London’s finest brutalist buildings. Those being Trellick Tower, Barbican Tower, Space House and National Theatre. Ideal for your architecture books (another […]

Out now: Brutalist Paris Map by Blue Crow Media

Yes, the latest instalment in this wonderful series has landed. This time a Brutalist Paris Map by Blue Crow Media. Once again, a lovely job too. As you might expect, this two-sided map features the most striking brutalist architecture in Paris. Not only that, the map also contains an introduction about the subject matter by […]

Brutalist art: Park Hill Sheffield prints by Laura Knight Studio

Not sure how recent these are, but we have only just encountered the Park Hill Sheffield prints by Laura Knight Studio. Park Hill is, of course, a brutalist icon and a 1960s grade II-listed development currently undergoing a huge renovation by Urban Splash. In fact, you can buy one of the upgraded apartments right now. […]

Design spotting: Bauhaus Letters cups at Museum Goods

Bauhaus looms large on this site, so of course we are interested in the wonderful Bauhaus Letters cups. As you probably noticed, these are cups (available as a set or individually) that use the typography of Bauhaus on one side in red, with the details of Joost Schmidt (the man behind it and much more) […]

Out now: The Modern Berlin map by Blue Crow Media

Do check out the previous maps by Blue Crow Media, which now include this Modern Berlin map. As you might have guessed, this is a guide to 20th century architecture in the wonderful city of Berlin. The guide has been created by Matthew Tempest, with photographs by Simon Phipps, the end result being a tour […]

Blue Crow Media introduces the Brutalist Washington Map

We have featured past maps in this series, all of which have proven incredibly popular. So we are happy to flag up new Brutalist Washington Map from Blue Crow Media too. It follows the same successful formula, an old school map (no app here) picking out the best architecture of its type in the chosen […]

Out now: Constructivist Moscow Map by Blue Crow Media

After the success of the Brutalist London Map and the Art Deco London Map, Blue Crow Media has moved a little further afield. In fact, with the Constructivist Moscow Map, a lot further afield. Produced in conjunction with Natalia Melikova of The Constructivist Project and Nikolai Vassiliev of DOCOMOMO Russia, this is a celebration of […]

Paris Brut – miniature models of Parisian brutalism by Zupagrafika

Following on from the Brutalist London set not too long ago comes the equally wonderful Paris Brut by Zupagrafika. Same idea really. Essentially this is a collection of illustrated paper models showcasing brutalist architecture in Paris between the late 1950s and the 1970s. Start off at the Cité des 4000, head past the round towers […]

Out now: The Art Deco London Map by Blue Crow Media

Regular readers might recall us featuring a Brutalist London map last year. It was the work of Blue Crow Media, the same people behind this new Art Deco London Map. Very new, as the map has only just gone on sale today. It’s the work of Blue Crow Media in conjunction with Twentieth Century Society […]

Design spotting: Five things that caught our eye this week

Yes, another round-up of design that attracted our attention in the last week or so. Midcentury-inspired bird houses by KoolBird at Etsy If you look admiringly at the midcentury modern properties we feature on the site, but (like us) struggle to afford one, you can always go for something smaller. Like one of these bird […]

Design spotting: Five things that caught our eye this week

Yes, we do a lot of digging around for interesting properties and architecture, but we also see a lot of design along the way. With that in mind, we though we might share some of our ‘finds’ with you every week, kicking off with five things that appealed to us this week. Brabantia x Orla […]