How To Wear Your Favorite Holiday Sweater

When it comes to seasonal holiday dressing, AKA wearing your fav festive finds, it can be a case of walking a fine line between a whimsical look or a what-on-earth-is-he-wearing look! Lots of you guys message me to say how much you like to wear a graphic shirt throughout the year, so I figured you probably like to do the same when it comes to dressing for the holidays, too. So, today’s post – the latest in my on-going collaboration with Old Navy – walks through my tips for how to wear your favorite holiday sweater – and how to look great doing so!Alright, so first up is to decide on that hero holiday sweater that’s going to anchor the look. Perhaps it’s an old favorite or maybe it’s a new find, like this fair isle tree motif sweater one I’m wearing. Then, build up the look from there. I took cues from the sophisticated monochrome palette of the sweater when choosing items to complete the look. I decided to wear a wool twill top coat in a dark charcoal color way so as to continue the monochrome color story of the outfit.I think every outfit needs a splash of […]

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What To Wear To A Casual Holiday Party

Our intimate holiday party out at the beach house is almost here! It’s kindly being sponsored by Moen and so far we’ve ticked off the following from the planning list: the design direction, the tablescape theme and the party playlist. Before we head into the kitchen to cook up a platter of festive foods and shake cocktails with added fizz I wanted to share some advice for holiday party dressing. Sure, we’ve all seen the velvet blazers, shimmering shirts and bold bow ties – and there’s nothing wrong with any of those things. In fact, in lots of cases they bring just the right vibe to a holiday party. However, as we’re hosting a more low-key and relaxed gathering with a few close friends out at the beach house, I wanted to share some tips on what you can wear for a holiday party that’s more than friday night movie night but not Met Gala levels of fancy!It’s fun to dress up, especially for a holiday party, but if you are like me then super smart and buttoned up dressing just isn’t you. If you are nodding your head then here’s how I like to dress for a smart-casual holiday […]

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A Weekend Escape

//Posted in partnership with the ACUVUE® Brand which also covered my eye exam. All views are my own. 2017 has been a wild ride and the past summer and fall have been particularly busy and full on. From project managing the renovation of our beach house to two whirlwind trips back across the Atlantic to England for friends’ weddings, as well as running the business and having to have an emergency surgery, it all left me feeling absolutely exhausted. I was ready to escape for a weekend with my heart mate and do all the things I love to do to recharge: spend some quiet time reading, walking, riding and exploring a new-to-me place for inspiration in my own time. So, I headed to Hudson, NY for some much needed downtime. Over the summer I was approached by ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses to try their new 30-day daily wear contact lenses. I’d been wanting to introduce contact lenses into my eye care routine for a year or so (before I was wearing glasses for driving and at the theatre etc.) as my husband has worn and been an advocate for contact lenses since we met eleven years ago. However, I’d […]

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A Fresh Fade

I’ve always been a gentleman of routine and never more so than when it comes to my hairstyle. In the summer I like to wear my hair super short all over (NYC humidity is no joke, you guys, so the shorter the better!). However, come autumn as the days get shorter and the temperature drops, I always find myself looking to grow my hair into a longer style. I told my hairdresser, Peter, that I wanted to grow out the shorter cut I had for my hair a couple of months ago, and this week my hair was finally at the length to cut it into it’s new style. I’m sharing the full look at my new cut and this outfit after the jump! I went for a mid men’s fade haircut that blends into a textured medium length on top. In the winter I like to have enough hair so that I can run my hands through it, as well as style it into textured waves. If I tried to do this summer I’d be a sweaty mess (truth be told I am anyway but let’s gloss over that), but in the colder months I find this cut adds […]

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Playful Prep: Men’s Fall Fashion 2017

Playful prep you say? Well, that sounds ideal for this color and pattern loving guy who is known to have a penchant for preppy style. Of course, there’s the college campus ‘hardcore’ prep look (who would have thought one day ‘hardcore’ and ‘preppy’ would be in the same sentance but bear with me!) and then there’s the softer take on preppy style. While both looks are great, I tend to air on the latter side of the scale, choosing to call on classic preppy style elements, such as the stripe and a heavily layered look, when pulling my outfits together. After the jump, I’m sharing the full details on this playful prep outfit I styled in collaboration with Old Navy using pieces from their current fall collections. Check it outtttt! It might sound odd but I started this outfit from the outside and worked in. I saw this denim jacket on the racks in store and knew that it would be the perfect layering piece for the breezy fall days ahead.Once I had the denim jacket set I started to think about how to give the look a playful prep vibe. I knew I wanted to bring some color to […]

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Trunk Club’s Manhattan Clubhouse

As a guy who loves both style and design it was such a pleasure to discover a fashion shopping experience that combines my love for both. That experience? Trunk Club. Essentially, Trunk Club is a personal styling and trunk service for women and men that takes place with a stylist either remotely or in-person at one of their clubhouses, like the gorgeous Trunk Club Mansion in Manhattan. Trunk Club kindly gave me the opportunity to try out their service and I am excited to share the beautiful interiors of the mansion, and the outfits I choose with my stylist, right here on the blog today. Click through after the jump to see more cool design and both of my looks! Here’s the thing. When it comes to fashion I have a fairly clear idea on what I like and what I don’t like, but I sometimes still struggle to pick the right pieces. That’s why it was so great to utilize one of Trunk Club’s stylists as they helped me refine my wardrobe and overall style. The benefit of this was that I now know how to incorporate pieces that can transition from look to look, in turn making my […]

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How To Workout Anywhere

Almost every time I post a picture on my Instagram feed from one of my travels someone will ask me how I workout on-the-go when I’m away from home. The truth is, it’s not always easy to fit in a full workout everyday like I try to do five to six times a week when I’m at home in NYC. Schedules are changed, timezones are different, meetings need to be taken and routines are disrupted. Lack of routine – that’s what gets in the way of a consistent workout schedule. The moment I developed a routine for my workouts and planned them into my day-to-day I found myself working out much more regularly and the results started to show. But that didn’t stop the issue of keeping on track while on the road. So, I started to approach my exercise routine differently when traveling compared to how I workout at home. Instead of trying to fit in formal fitness classes, spin, weights sessions and so on, I decided to take elements of those classes that I could do anywhere. This left me with a simple, quick and, importantly, no-equipment-needed exercise routine. The best part about this workout anywhere guide is […]

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A Morning in SoHo, NYC

One of my favorite things about living in New York City is the knowledge that there’s always a new place or area in the city to explore. Whether you wander through a neighborhood that’s well-trodden or take the path less travelled to an unexplored corner of the city, you can count on finding a new coffee shop, restaurant, gallery or store to inspire you. To celebrate Club Monaco adding menswear to their flagship store on Broadway in SoHo I spent a morning in the area to make a mini guide to SoHo, NYC. Check out my favorite places from this popular part of town in my guide to SoHo, NYC after the jump! MAMAN Maman is tucked away in a relatively quiet enclave off busy Centre Street, making it the ideal tonic to the hustle and bustle of SoHo. They serve family-inspired recipes from the South of France and North America, bringing to life both savory and sweet childhood favorites. They source their ingredients locally and the coffee is divine. Run, don’t walk – it’s the perfect place to fuel up for some shopping!For my explorations around SoHo I wore this Club Monaco outfit, which quite possibly the best fitting […]

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Stockholm Style

Aside from their cool cities, stunning landscapes and gorgeous interior design, one of my favorite things about Scandinavia is their effortlessly cool sense of fashion. So, whenever I’m lucky enough to visit the region, I always try to schedule time for a little retail therapy so I can bring home an item or two from my favorite Scandi style brands to add into my closet arsenal. During my trip to Stockholm over New Year’s Eve I picked up this Wood Wood mens jacket as I felt it would be a great jacket to have to hand when an outfit needs an introduction of texture.The textured finish to the wool jacket meant that no pattern was needed in the look, so I kept things simple and classic with a denim button down (you know I love a pop of classic blue like this!). Black denim tied in well with the black accent detailing in the chest pocket of the jacket.White sneakers (similar) with contrast forest green suede at the heel continued the graphic shape theme set off by the pocket detailing of the jacket. My Movado watch rounded out the simple and pared-back look, perfectly.Luckily, the weather wasn’t too cold for […]

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A Fresh Start

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you? I’ve been on the road in Europe since Dec 26th and I’m currently in Paris working on a fun project for Eurostar (follow along on my Instagram!). I have lots of fun content from my travels to share here in the coming weeks but I wanted to kick off with my first Bright.Style post of the year. Yesterday evening, I was shopping in the Le Marais district of Paris when I walked past a Sandro Paris store. Of course, it would have been rude not to head inside and I’m so pleased I did! Not only did they have a really great sale on but also their prices were so much cheaper than those for the brand’s items in America. Safe to say, I did a little shopping! One of my spoils from the store was this Sandro men’s bomber jacket. I decided to wear it to the Fondation Louis Vuitton contemporary art gallery here in Paris today. Check out my full outfit after the jump! This shot gives a sense of scale to the incredible architecture of the Fondation Louis Vuitton, which was designed by […]

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Smartphone With Manual Camera

Over the years I’ve been blogging (almost eight, yikes!) I have grown to love photography. Several years ago I shared 10 need-to-know photography basics and it was super popular with you guys. So, today, given the advances of technology between then and now I thought it would be useful to write a post on how you can shoot manual with your smartphone. Yes, a smartphone with a manual camera, it’s a real and very cool thing! I teamed up with ASUS to show how their smartphone with a manual camera, the ZenPhone 3 Deluxe and accompanying smart watch, the ZenWatch 3, are great for photography and style lovers alike. Click through after the jump to read all my tips on how to use a smartphone with manual camera. The manual mode photography option on the ZenPhone 3 Deluxe allows you to adjust the ISO value of the photograph that you are taking. This means you can alter the sensitivity of the lens to the light in the image, meaning you can see more or less of the detail in the image. Increasing the ISO value will bring out more detail and raise the light but it will also mean there’s […]

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Winter Style All Wrapped Up

Staying stylish in the cold weather can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, right?! Yesterday I shared a stylish look for when it’s snowing and today I’m blogging this cold (and dry!) winter weather day look that features the super cozy Mackage leather jacket I blogged about back in the fall. One thing I love about dressing during the winter months is accessories. It’s so freakin’ hot in NYC during the summer that I want to wear as little as possible. Sometimes it’s even too hot for a watch, TBH! So, come the colder seasons, I like to dress up my looks with cold weather accessories that not only keep me warm but look great too. See my winter look in full after the jump! I can’t get enough of my green pants from Club Monaco (psst! these are on sale with an additional 40%R off the sale price right now – run!) as they have the perfect super slim fit. The subtle color pairs really well with the staple black and sand colored pieces in my closet, too. Not to mention that the green hue is also perfectly seasonal.I like to make a statement with accessories, not in a […]

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Snow O’Clock

It’s no secret that I love snow. In the past I’ve shared my pictures of New York City under a historic snowfall, as well as beautiful Paris decorated with a blanket of snow, glistening like white crystals. So, given my love for snow, it’s unusual that I’ve yet to share one of my snow day looks in my Bright.Style column. I’m correcting that today with my latest style post, which I photographed during the heavy snowfall in NYC on Saturday morning last week. I’d been meaning to find an opportunity to wear my new Emporio Armani men’s chronograph watch, and this was the perfect opportunity to up my snow style game by planning my outfit around the stylish quartz watch. Click through after the jump to see my snow look in full. I’ve always been an accessories kinda guy: watches, bags, shoes – those are my favorite pieces to shop and wear. So, I styled this snow day look to make my watch the statement piece of the outfit. I wore my long coat open to show the outfit layers – a military style shirt jacket and festive burgundy red sweater – which I paired with black denim and boots. […]

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20 #MakeYouSmileStyle Gift Ideas

How, HOW, is is the last weekend before Christmas already, you guys?! I’ve been flat-out with work, moving apartments and a bunch of travel since September so I’m really behind on my festive prep this year. If you’re in the same situation as me then you’re probably planning on making a big dent in your gift buying and Christmas to-do list this weekend, right?! We’ve got this! If you are planning on avoiding the crowds in the stores, then I hope my digital gift guide will help you find the perfect holiday gift for anyone in your life who loves style, design and travel. Dive in and let me know what’s catching your eye from these gift ideas – for you or a loved one! Because, let’s get real, who doesn’t end up treating themselves to a little gift while holiday shopping?! #guiltyascharged 1. All Birds wool runners | I’ve been wearing these stylish runners almost daily since early summer and I’ve been asked so many times in the street, gym and subway where I bought them. They’re so great because they keep your feet cool in hot weather and warm when it’s cold (great for places with extreme temps. […]

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Fun on The Farm

After the popularity of the olive green padded jacket in my first Bright.Style post for Joe Fresh, I decided to show how to you can wear this so-hot-right-now hue in mens chinos, too! So, I headed out of New York City for an afternoon of fun on the farm in my cozy fall layers. Check out the full look after the jump! For this look I wanted to style up an outfit that could be the perfect go-to for those days when you escape the city. Those impromptu afternoon adventures where you jump in the car and head to the countryside for bracing walks, crisp fall air and, of course, time to indulge in seasonal tasty treats!I tucked the chinos into my boots so that I looked smart and felt comfortable (goodbye cold drafts!) as I explored the pumpkin and apple farm.The thing about this time of year, especially in New York, is how much the temperature can fluctuate throughout the day. I combat this sartorial issue with layers: a comfortable chambray shirt worn under an oh-so-soft grey cashmere sweater gave me the option to look stylish on the farm when the sun was in and out!And when the chill […]

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Colorful & Cozy

Here’s the thing, I used to shy away from wearing leather jackets. Why? Because I felt that they were too ‘street’ for my personal style. My inner monologue was all like: ‘you can’t pull that look off’ or ‘you aren’t stylish enough to wear leather jackets’. Then, as with many things as I grew older, I grew in confidence and found my stride when it came to my personal style. I realized that I could feel confident and stylish in whatever I felt drawn to wearing. In the last twelve to eighteen months I’ve started to understand what works for my body shape, what pieces I feel most comfortable in and that I can dress for how I feel rather than for what I think I should be wearing. Anyone else have this feeling? I recently took the jump, bought a leather jacket-meets-bomber and embraced a look I once felt intimated to wear – and I’m so thrilled I did! See the full Bright.Style look after the jump! I love that I found the confidence to style and wear a leather jacket in a way that marries well with my own style. I didn’t want to shy away from my […]

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Autumn Adventures

If you’ve been following my Instagram recently you won’t be surprised to read about how much I love Autumn – it’s been fall leaves aplenty over on my feed! I moved to NYC in mid-November last year so almost all of the gorgeous colors and leaves had already fallen. So I’ve waited a whole year to experience my first proper Autumn living in New York state. Needless to say, when the season finally arrived I was super excited to soak up all the color inspiration and seasonal vibes. I decided to head Upstate for a weekend of Autumn adventures with Movado men’s watches. Join in my adventures after the jump! For my trip, the kind folks at Movado kindly let me wear two of their watches from the Edge collection. Although I always tend to leave my actual packing to the last minute (tell me I’m not alone here, guys?!) the planing of outfits for my trips is something I relish and enjoy. For one of my weekend outfits took inspiration from Movado’s Movado Edge chronograph. The sculpted ray-textured edge was my jumping off point and the catalyst to reference the texture in my ribbed camel sweater. I then paired […]

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How to Wear double & single-breasted Coats

It still feels surreal to be sat in my office writing about winter coats. I’m all like: “wait, wasn’t it just summer, like, five minutes ago?!”. It always surprises me how quick the transitional seasons of Spring and Autumn are. It sucks that they are my favorite seasons for fashion and dressing, too. I mean, I LOVE me some layers. Still, winter is the perfect time to rock a statement coat. So, for my latest Bright.Style post I’m talking all about how to wear double and single-breasted coats. Jump in after the fold to see both looks and get all the tips! First up is an outfit I styled around this double-breasted shawl collar coat. I think every guy needs a classic peacoat to see them through winter. It’s the perfect coat to throw on as you walk out the door when you are looking to smart up the overall look of your outfit.I paired the navy wool coat with a textured mouliné wool sweater and garment-dyed slim chinos in a beautiful camel color that’s perfect for reflecting the natural shades of autumn. The sweater added a lovely touch of texture to the look: a nice contrast to the coat […]

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Bring your Shoe A-Game

Shoes. They make or break an outfit. In fact, there’s a saying amongst New Yorkers that goes: “New Yorkers, tolerant of your views; judgmental of your shoes!” And, well, it’s not always easy to pair shoes with your look especially if the weather isn’t playing ball. Which, let’s face, on the East Coast during the Autumn and Winter seasons is often the case! So for today’s Aquatalia to shine the spotlight on their super stylish and weatherproof shoes. Click through to see the full look! Over the years my sartorial style has become more refined and classic in its overall aesthetic. Think: an array of indigo and navy shades set against a palette of neutrals and army green tones. It’s because of this that I like to find shoes that wildly ‘out there’ or trend forward, but rather are stylish staples that I know will have the flexibility to be worn across a series of outfit combinations from my closet.For this look I chose the Benjamin low-top sneakers to round out the look. The dark green pony hair adds a subtle contrast to the sand and blues seen in other pieces of the outfit. The leather padded sock lining makes […]

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How-to Wear Olive Green Menswear

Even though my school days are long behind me, September always brings about that feeling of a fresh start. I’m not talking a complete overhaul, just that subtle undercurrent that the year has taken a turn. Of course, our wardrobe’s take a shift (I’m all about wearing olive green menswear right now, for example!), but it’s more than that. Much like in January when we set goals for the twelve months ahead, September feels like a time to take stock and look ahead for what’s going well, what’s not and those items on our lists that still aren’t checked off. I always feel as though this month is a time to prepare: to prepare for the season ahead and also to be #FreshFor the things I wish to achieve before the year closes out. One of the main things I’m keen to do more as we transition into fall is embrace the changing season and use the inspiration of the natural environment as a catalyst for improving my photography. I touched on this topic recently here on the blog and I’m excited to be setting myself goals so I can take strides forward. I’ve teamed up with Joe Fresh to […]

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Two Ways to Wear Ember

When it comes to fashion, the most common question I get emailed about is how someone can incorporate X, Y or Z color into their outfits. Much like when it comes to decorating their apartment, there’s a concern about how to invite color into look without getting it, well, wrong. This is the reason I started writing Bright.Bazaar: to encourage people to understand the colors they loved and then how to invite those hues into their lives, from what they wear to how they decorate. So, for my latest Bright.Style post I’m shining the light on the perfect autumnal color, Ember. Click through after the jump to see two different ways you can wear this vibrant shade for fall. For my first look, I decided to show how to style an ember outfit around a hero coat. After all, as autumn comes and the days gets darker, colder and wetter there’s no doubt that a solid coat is essential.While this ember hooded parker is the statement piece of the outfit, I was keen to show how you can still layer in interesting and intriguing pieces to an outfit based around something very bright and commanding.In this look, it’s the wool […]

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Sea and the City

Numerous times a week I get tagged in pictures on social media by friends and followers who see something with a nautical twist or inspiration and know how much I would love to see it as well! So, I guess it comes as no surprise when I say how much I love designs that reflect the maritime elements. My love of the ocean is not only reflected in my decorating choices but my in my sartorial ones, too. It’s this innate draw to the ocean that connects me to Nautica – who also celebrate, love and respect the water, everywhere, everyday. I jumped at the chance to team up with the brand to style a few pieces from their sunglasses and optical range. Click through after the jump to see my looks! I styled a smart-casual look that works equally well for agency meetings, just as it does for a laid-back weekend brunch. Buttoning up the shirt immediately smartens the overall look, while wearing the button down open gives an air of informality.The chambray shirt plays off of the simplicity of the optical design by contrasting the clear and metal frame with a cool blue tone. I wanted to capture […]

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Color Block Cool

While it’s still hotter than hot here in New York City, August sees the start of pre-fall fashion and home collections appearing in-stores and online. No matter how many years I’ve known this to be the case, I so often end up caught short when the weather finally does turn chiller in the Autumn. So, this year I have made a concerted effort to prep my wardrobe for autumnal layering ahead of time so that I’m ready to hit the streets in style! In today’s Bright.Style post, I’m sharing two outfits that show how you can add a punch of bold color to your early autumn looks. Click through after the jump to check them both looks in full! The first outfit I styled in collaboration with Jaeger is centered around a mustard ribbed sweater. This hero piece was the ideal item to build out a color block outfit that works perfectly as a transitional look from day to night.I tempered the strength of the mustard with a classic navy mac and a pair of washed selvedge slim jeans. The rich yellow of the sweater pairs well with the chic navy of the mac, which serves as a frame to […]

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Americana Explorer: How To Wear Red, White & Blue

July is a great month to celebrate Americana by dressing in the classic and iconic color combo of red, white and blue. In my latest Bright.Style post for Old Navy, I’m sharing two outfits that centre around this palette trio. Whether you like to dress bold or keep it more subtle, there’s a look here for you! Click through after the jump to see my summer explorations around Williamsburg and Dumbo in Brooklyn, NY. White denim – I can’t get enough of it! I love how color pairs with crisp and bright white. It really helps to make a look pop and gives gives it presence.Tuck your tees, guys! I love the easy, breezy vibe of a tucked tee – it also helps add movement to a solid tee, like this Surf design.By taking a bold and graphic approach to wear red, white and blue (or a combination of those colors) in a block format provides a solid base to introduce another element.The typographic ‘SURF’ wording adds interest to this red-white pairing, while also tying the denim into the top half of the look.Consider introducing a gentle explorer vibe into your Americana look. I did this via a Contrast Trim […]

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Vibrant Vision: A Day in the Life of Mr. Bazaar

I’ve been wearing glasses for almost two years now and I still remember that day I put on my first pair of glasses and I saw the world pin sharp again. Even though my prescription level was (and, thankfully, still is) relatively low, it made such a difference to my day-to-day experience of, well, just about everything. Suddenly, words and signs were clearer, colors felt truer and crisper and textures more detailed. It made the process of designing much easier and more accurate. Since getting my first pair of glasses two years ago I’ve not had an eye test so I was delighted to team up with LensCrafters to experience their new Clarifye eye exam, as well as pick out (and style up, naturally!) some new frames. Click through to see my experience and snapshots from a typical day for me in NYC. I headed up to Westchester, NY to check out LensCrafters’ new global design look which they will be rolling out across their network of stores. Tactile wood and slate combined with stylish lighting installations and a series of easy to navigate frame displays made for a great experience in store.As you can see, the store was super […]

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Three Ways To Wear Bold Print Shirts

Bold prints are everywhere this season. I mean, everywhere. Yep, I’m talking avocado on toast levels of popularity…! The best part is that they don’t have to feel tricky to wear – quite the opposite, in fact. For my second post in collaboration with Old Navy (check out the first on Two Ways To Wear Colorful Spring Tees), I’m sharing three #MakeYouSmileStyle ways to wear bold print shirts this summer. Click through after the jump to see each outfit in full. The first look puts the pattern of the Above The Clouds shirt front and centre. By paring the shirt with a pair of soft-washed, solid Twill navy shorts it allows the pattern to pop as part of the whole outfit. JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. The bold cloud print of this shirt is small format and detailed, so it works to keep the look simple. Trying to pair a print such as this with another print would be tricky and risk looking jumbled. A silver watch with a clean face and mint hands is a subtle and stylish nod to one of the colors seen in the print.Could these colors be […]

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Two Ways To Wear Colorful Spring Tees

One of the things I love about spring fashion is how much more colorful the options are for updating my outfit options. I’ve partnered with Old Navy to style two looks around their new #neverbasic men’s tees. In almost all my outfits there’s a tee in there somewhere, even if it’s simply styled under one of my favorite button down shirts. So, my aim was to show the flexibility of wearing colorful tees. Click through after the jump to see how I style up these cool and comfortable spring looks for any event, day or night. Working freelance means I’m crisscrossing my way around the city on a daily basis. From morning coffee meetings to an evening dinner event, my day often covers a variety of different business and social activities. The great thing about layering up from a solid tee is it means I can build an outfit fit for all of those engagements. JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. The gorgeous ‘Laguna Beach’ teal color of this crew-neck tee immediately caught my eye – I love how it makes a strong statement as part of the outfit, too. I added to […]

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Spring Cycling: Exploring New York City By Bike

One of the things I love most about living in New York City is how often the sunshine, well, shines! Sure, the winter months are cold but now we’ve turned the corner into spring the days are longer, warmer and brighter. With the sun shining and skies blue, it’s the perfect opportunity to hop on a bike and explore the city. Last week, I headed out into the spring sunshine wearing my new Marcel Wanders for Safilo sunglasses to check out some art installations and walls in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Join me in my colorful, sun-soaked adventures after the jump! My first stop in Dumbo was the ‘Dumbo walls’ district, an outdoor installation that saw eight world-renowned artists transform a four-block area under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway into an outdoor gallery. My favorite, the Rainbow Wall, is so bright that sunglasses are handy whether the sun is shining or not!I was excited to wear these frames from the sunglasses collaboration between Marcel Wanders and Safilo because I’ve followed the Dutch designer’s work for moooi in the interiors world for many years.Marcel’s inspiration behind the collection was to ‘live your dream, see the unseen’. The aim was to design a series of frames […]

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Bright.Style: How To Wear Yellow

When I was apartment hunting in NYC last fall I popped into the bookstore inside Chelsea Market and picked up a book called Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver for the plane ride back to London. It was the perfect light-hearted read for my travels, and being peppered with tit-bits on New York’s history it made for an enlightening read, too. One of those tit-bits was around the final service of the city’s now iconic Checker taxi cab in 1999. At the time, I remember thinking to myself how I’d love to style a photo shoot with one of the vintage vehicles. So, when Coca-Cola Freestyle invited me to style an outfit inspired by one of their low no calorie drink offerings, I hailed(!) my chance. Click through after the jump to read my tips for wearing yellow and how it can help you live on the light side of life! Yellow is best pals with blue. FACT! It’s no secret that these two hues are my favorites from the color spectrum, but many people often tell me while they feel comfortable when it comes to wearing blue, they struggle with working yellow into their outfits.The key to making […]

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It’s Mine: Color Block Style

It wouldn’t be anything new for me to write: I love color. After all, I’ve been waxing lyrical about my love for hue across my home, my wardrobe and my travels since 2009! What is new, however, are millions of Diet Coke bottles all over the country that each have a completely unique – and colorful! – design. That’s right, every single one of the millions of Diet Coke IT’S MINE bottles looks unique. So awesome! My mum and I have always been big Diet Coke fans. When I was a kid she would take me to weekly swimming lessons and we’d have this ritual where we’d meet in the café afterwards, and each have a Diet Coke while we chatted together. It was pure mum and I time, and I loved it. So when Diet Coke invited me to style up a unique and quintessentially bright #MakeYouSmileStyle outfit using the It’s Mine bottles as the finishing touch, I jumped at the chance. Quite literally, as you’ll see after the, well, jump! I grounded my outfit around the palette of a traditional Diet Coke bottle: silver and red. Slim cut linen pants gave the overall look a sharp and tailored […]

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12 Hours In Las Vegas: Neon Boneyard Museum & J.Lo Concert

I last visited Las Vegas two years ago to celebrate the start of my first American book tour. My heartmate and I headed to see Britney Spears live at Planet Hollywood and it was So when AXE invited me to head to a concert and style up my gig style for their Stage Pass series, I knew immediately where I would go and what I would see – Jennifer Lopez’s new Vegas residency! Click through after the jump to see how I kept cool despite cramming stacks of color hunting fun and a live gig into just 12 hours in Las Vegas! With just one day and night in Sin City, I was keen to wear an outfit that I could easily transition from day to night. I opted for selvedge denim, grey suede chukkas, a light grey woolen cardigan and a classic chambray button down. A leather watch and belt with a brass bracelet rounded out the look for my color hunting and gig adventures.Before heading to the gig I had to make a stop into Las Vegas’ Neon Boneyard Museum as it’s a total color lover’s dream. No, seriously, this place is off the scale cool.Once inside […]

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Dezeen’s top five collections from London College of Fashion MA Menswear 2016

Tudor-style ruffs, dismembered mannequin hands and recycled cardboard coats feature in Dezeen design editor Dan Howarth’s pick of the MA Menswear graduate collections from London College of Fashion. (more…)

Moments with Corum: Coffee Shops & Restaurants, Elizabeth Street NYC

If you have been reading my 10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend series you will know how much I love to spend my free time hunting for colour and #MakeYouSmileStyle places in my city. Since moving to New York City a month or so ago it has been so fun to explore the city for places that, well, make me smile! One of my favourite discoveries is Elizabeth Street in Manhattan’s Nolita district because it’s packed full of colour. With an outfit to match my new Heritage Bubble watch from Corum, I headed over to the area to explore it in more detail. Click through after the jump to see all the colourful spots I found, and how well they match the beautiful blues of my new watch! STREET ART As my Instagram feed reveals, I am more than partial to colourful street art and walls! So I was delighted to discover that Elizabeth Street starts with an incredible piece of street art by Brooklyn artist, Scott Albrecht. The piece is called ‘Nothing Is Defined’ and I felt it fitted perfectly with the idea of time and how really, time is only defined by what we as individuals […]

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Bright.Style: Tropical Key West Palm Print Shorts Outfit

Living in London I can’t help but love any opportunity to embrace spring/summer menswear without the worry of rain or a sudden change in the weather half way through the day. So when I visited Key West in Florida earlier this year I did just that. Click through after the jump to see the whole look in detail. The moment I set eyes on the Bermuda shorts (now on sale!) from Zara I was hooked. Palm prints are everywhere this season and I’m happily buying into the look. I decided to clash the pattern (hey, we all know how much I love do that…!) with an indigo stripe tee (similar) from J.Crew.I was staying at The Gates Hotel while in Key West and made the most of their bikes for hire. Aside from being 100% #MakeYouSmileStyle, they were ideal for getting around the island quickly and enjoying the incredible tropical weather in the process. When I cycled past this mint and blue wall that matched the colours of the bike I knew it was a total picture opportunity not to be missed. Such an inspiring colour combo, right?This limited edition pair of Gray Malin x Sperry shoes was a fun […]

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Bright.Style: HYMN Clothing ‘Free Willy’ Whale Sweater

So you probably figured from my regular anchor-related Instagrams (oh, and my recent blog re-design!) that I am hooked (ha!) on all things nautical. No surprise, then, that I couldn’t wait to wear my new whale sweater! You know when you are in a store and you spot something in the corner of your eye that you love? Then you simply must see it up close and try it on that instant, so you try to casually make your way over but in reality do a weird not walking but not running jog, and almost trip over the display because you are too excited? Yeah, that 100% happened when I met this cutie! The HYMN designed piece is called ‘Willy’ which I like to think is an ode to the classic whale-focused film, Free Willy. Anyone else love that film as a kid? I was obsessed with it! It’s probably why I fell so hard for this sweater, too.I wore the sweater over a mint Oxford shirt from Uniqlo and a casual pair of distressed denim from GAP. A wrist wrap bracelet from Club Monaco sat well against a brass cuff from Topman and a rope anchor knot loops back […]

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Bright.Style: Tying The Knot In Venice To Support LGBT Civil Rights

What an incredible day last Friday was. I may not be American by birth but that didn’t stop the overwhelming emotion at hearing the United States Supreme Court’s decision to legalise marriage for all citizens, no matter sexual preference, in all 50 states. Knowing how much it meant to – and would change the lives for the better – my dear LGBT friends in America, but all those who have fought so hard for equality both in the past and present in the USA and beyond, made it all the more emotional. Two of those people are my friends, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita, who founded bow tie company Tie The Knot to advocate for the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans throughout the United States & beyond. Tie The Knot releases seasonal collections, each inspired by Justin and Jesse’s favorite art, fashion, things they see on the street, or even the things in their living room. Proceeds from the sale of the bow ties go to various organizations that are fighting on the front line for the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans every single day, as well as to funding their international public education campaign […]

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