low-cost housing

Modular affordable housing envisioned for “abandoned” New York airspace

This conceptual scheme by designers Beomki Lee and Chang Kyu Lee calls for using vacant airspace over existing New York buildings to create affordable apartments and public areas. Read more

Cité Radieuse combines elements from many of Le Corbusier’s previous designs

World Heritage Corb: Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation in Marseille is one of French-Swiss architect’s most recognised buildings, and is the last in our series exploring the 17 of his projects added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List (+ slideshow). (more…)

Le Corbusier’s Immeuble Clarté housing informed his Unité d’Habitation design

World Heritage Corb: long before he built the famed Cité Radieuse in Marseille, French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier explored similar housing principles for the 1932 Immeuble Clarté in Geneva – one of 17 of his buildings added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list (+ slideshow). (more…)

Shotgun Chameleon house in Houston is designed to help its owners off-set their mortgage

Taking influences from the vernacular houses of the southern US, this low-cost house in Houston by ZDES architects is designed to accommodate a family, but can be divided up to allow the owners to rent out private areas.  (more…)

Tatiana Bilbao addresses “urgent need” for housing Mexico’s poorest inhabitants

Chicago Architecture Biennial 2015: Tatiana Bilbao presents a flexible building prototype that offers a solution to Mexico’s social housing shortage during the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial (+ slideshow). (more…)

Penda’s bamboo pavilion could be expanded to create homes for 200,000 people

Architecture studio Penda has created a rope-bound bamboo pavilion as a mock up of a modular housing system developed to provide sustainable housing schemes for populations of up to 200,000 (+ slideshow). (more…)