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The Perfect Small Space Sofa – And How To Style It

Having spent my entire adult life living in two cities renowned for tiny apartments (London first, and now NYC) I’m always game to hear of small space style solutions. So when South Shore Furniture asked me to work with them to style one of their 2-seater Live-It sofas, I was immediately game. The Live-It sofa is the perfect small space sofa solution because it’s not only compact (yet super comfortable!) when built, but it also comes in a staircase and doorway friendly box. AKA you can actually get it up and into your apartment without having to take everything out individually at the store/on the sidewalk. Score! We’re off to a great start. Even better is that it’s literally the easiest piece of flatpack furniture I’ve ever built. And trust me when I say I’ve built a lot of flat pack furniture! The small space sofa comes in five pieces and slots together with ease. Don’t believe me?! Watch me build the sofa single-handedly below: See! Super easy! I opted to style the blue velvet 2-seater Live-it sofa as I liked the idea of styling around a bold, statement-making sofa such as this. I love the way natural light plays […]

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Joyful Design For January

SHOP THE LOOK: fig.1 | fig.2 | fig.3 | fig.4 | fig.5 | fig.6 | fig.7 | fig.8 | traditional | mid-century | playful Hey, friends. How’s your week going? Hope it’s been a good one so far. I’m super excited because this month sees the first of my room designs go live in the grandinroad website and catalog – a gorgeous blue and green living room! Each month, between now and June, I’m going to be creating a make-you-smile style room from grandinroad’s product assortment to inspire you and provide achievable yet stunning ideas for home updates. How fun is that? This is such a fun project for me and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Creating warm, welcoming, gently colorful spaces that make you want to, well, never leave(!) is a favorite aspect of my work. If doing this also gives me the opportunity to inspire you guys to want to make similar updates to your own homes along the way then that really makes me smile! As you guys know I get a ton of my design inspiration from travel, so my friends at grandinroad and I thought it would be fun if I designed […]

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Our Beach House Living Room: The Reveal

Phew, what a week it’s been! On Tuesday I revealed my first ever top-to-bottom kitchen remodel when I shared the full tour of our beach house kitchen. Yesterday, I blogged the reveal of the beach house master bedroom, and now today I’m sharing a look inside the beach house living room! After the master bedroom, this was the next space I designed in collaboration with Sally from The Studio at One Kings Lane. We started the process by going through a bunch of Pinterest boards, such as this one, that I’d complied with inspiration for the space. Then, we sat down together at the beautiful One Kings Lane Studio space in NYC (I’ll be blogging that space soon, too!) to go through the vision my heartmate and I had for the space. We had picked out a bunch of products from One Kings Lane that had caught our eye then Sally and I went through the selections, along with some of her own fantastic suggestions, to edit the space down to what you see here today. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the beach house living room design tour! Over the summer I shared an update from the […]

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Millennial Pink Decorating Ideas From My Living Room

I bought my Samsta light pink

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Traditional Cottage Design

For the traditional love of yours, we present you this next house. This house is a classic piece of the traditional outlook with a tinge of modern upfront. This house was built for the sole purpose of living in a comfortable space with the basic amenities available in the nearby place. The house dons a […]

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How to choose A Sofa for Your Style: The Lounge Co.

Choosing a sofa often feels as big a deal and commitment as choosing the property the sofa is going to live in, don’t you think?! You know when you move into a new house or apartment and that feeling hits you the moment you open the door: this is The One! I’ve moved countless times over the years and no matter whether I was looking at house shares with friends while I was a student or looking for my new apartment in New York City (more on that soon!), I’ve always found that I know which place is The One after taking a few steps over the threshold. Do you find that to be true in your experience also? My intuition for feeling tuned in with properties is often true when it comes to choosing a sofa, too. After all, picking out a sofa is an emotional experience and so it’s no surprise that when you do find the perfect fit for your home that it can feel like love at first, well, sit! Humor me, I couldn’t help it. Still, picking out the right sofa for your style can feel daunting, right? So, I’ve teamed up with The Lounge […]

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Home Tour: Retro & Colorful One-Bed Apartment

Today I’m crossing back across the pond and returning to my English roots to showcase this beautiful one-bedroom apartment in Central London. Based in Covent Garden and designed by the design practice, Kitesgrove, this restidential apartment is full of style mid-century design ideas for small space living. Click through after the jump to see the entire space! This pied-à-terre was designed for a creative French couple who love mid-century design and furniture. Led by Creative Director, Sophie Elborne and Projects Director, Gregory Keane, the team sourced the art and antiques for the apartment with the couple allowing the space to nautrally evolve over time.Both Sophie and Gregory share a passion for Fine Art and an Anglo-French upbringing that drives a European aesthetic evident across all of their projects – a vibe that is clearly eveident in the open plan kitchen, dining and living space of this Covent Garden apartment. The vintage 50s French ‘Scoubidou’ dining chairs took five months to find by scouring antique dealers’ collections and rummaging through Parisian markets. The aim for the apartment was to create a liveable space that reflective of their client’s lifestyle, all the while underpinned by refined craftsmanship. For the main living space […]

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25 Modern Living Rooms with Cool and Clean Lines

Living room is that parts of your house where you spend most of the time by relaxing, conversing with your family and friends, watch television and many other similar activities. It is a place where you can get your guests seated, enjoy and entertain each other. You could do up little experiments with designing this

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New Styling Work: DFS ‘Global Traveller’ Inspired Look

I was recently hired by DFS to style a living room around their Pompeii two-seat sofa and armchair – and here’s the final look. It was these very pieces that inspired the overall look of the scheme as I took my lead from the characterful luxury leather of each piece. My aim so to juxtapose the elegant silhouette created by the scrolled arms of both the couch and the armchair with a fusion of vintage pieces, industrial notes and eclectic, curated pieces. Click through after the jump to see more of the space and what it reflects. For this space I had the vision of creating a room that had a layered, organic feel to it. The aim was to make it the space look casually lived in and as if it had been curated over a period of time. The palette is warm and inviting thanks to the rich leather and dark wooden furniture. I was keen to add in a conversational piece to the scheme, which I did via the vintage travel trunk used as a coffee table in the space. The trunk has so much character and from the faded labels and markings it belonged to a […]

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