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Flos Snoopy table lamp gets a 50th anniversary issue

Flos Snoopy table lamp gets a 50th anniversary issue

The much-loved Flos Snoopy table lamp has been reissued as a desirable limited edition 50th anniversary model. It’s the same lamp of course, one that first appeared in 1967 courtesy of Achille Castiglioni. The name? Of course that’s down to its similarity to a certain comic strip dog. The difference here is that Flos has […]

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Art deco interior: Five of the best designs at Swoon Editions

First we spotted just the one piece. But digging deeper there are many more. Enough for us to pick out five of the best art deco designs at Swoon Editions. Aravali console table A bit of opulence from this console table, this Designer Edition by Tom Goodbun offers a green and white marble tabletop with […]

Midcentury interior: Iver limited edition cabinets by Swoon Editions

If you have the house, you need the furniture. And if it happens to be midcentury modern, you should check out the Iver cabinets by Swoon Editions. Limited editions, these are being produced in a run of just 13 of either the mango wood and brass finish or the rosewood and brass. Each is inspired […]

Design spotting: Limited edition A110 Pendant Lamp by Alvar Aalto for Artek

The reissue is nothing new, but not the shades for the limited edition A110 Pendant Lamp by Alvar Aalto for Artek. The design is of course a classic. Designed by Aalto back in 1952 for the Finnish Association of Engineers in Helsinki (and nicknamed the Hand Grenade due to its distinctive shape), the lamp produces […]

Design spotting: Aravali art deco-style console table at Swoon Editions

If you think kitting out your art deco home is a case of wandering around auction houses with piles of money, think again. This Aravali art deco-style console table at Swoon Editions is at a high street price. Not that you would know. This console looks every bit the original piece. It’s a console table […]

Design spotting: Karina Scandinavian-style sofa at Swoon Editions

This first landed in 2015 as a limited edition and seemed to sell through pretty quickly. If you missed out, you will be pleased to know that the Karina Scandinavian-style sofa is back at Swoon Editions. In fact, it is back in two colour options, a marine and a granite. Thankfully the design is unchanged, […]

Design spotting: Sills midcentury-style coffee table set at Swoon Editions

Ok, so you have the midcentury modern house. Or at the very least, you aspire to one. The next thing on the list is furnishings, which is where the Sills coffee table set at Swoon Editions comes in. From a maker / seller that specialises in the style comes this two-table set, with the smaller […]

Available now: Limited edition Highgate New Town screenprint by Stefi Orazi

You might well now her from the wonderful Modernist Estates book (and occasionally spotting houses for the site too). But Stefi Orazi’s main occupation is as an artist / illustrator / designer. In fact, Stefi’s latest work is available right now – this limited edition Highgate New Town print. Another celebration of modernist architecture. Specifically […]