Graphic Design

Holiday Greetings! Mascot Cookies and Stop Motion Kalers

Karen Kaler asked Daniel Jasper‘s Text and Image class to design a holiday greeting card from the Office of the President. A graphic designer herself, Mrs. Kaler wanted to highlight talent in the College of Design. The students developed prototypes and refined them based on her initial feedback.


Nick Brachmann was inspired by vintage stop motion Christmas movies like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. He made the Kalers and a wintry backdrop out of clay, felt, wire, and plastic, then photographed the scene. “The biggest thing I learned from this about working professionally is that it shows when you care,” he said. “It’s so easy to look at something and just know how much actual time and thought went into it and that often times can make the difference between a good and great design.” His time and effort paid off – after much deliberation, Mrs. Kaler selected his design for her print card.

And because the class came up with so many strong designs, she picked two more for other occasions. An e-card to staff, students, and faculty featured an animated design by Collin Randolph.


Rachel Kelly designed a card to mimic the aesthetics of cut paper snowflakes. She noted that “one of the biggest challenges was figuring out how to capture Minnesota winter in one image. There are so many different ways to come at that problem so it was a challenge to come up with a design that would capture the feeling of winter without using clichés.” The Kalers will use her card for invitations to their New Years party.


Kelly said that the project gave her a chance to practice expressing herself within the client’s constraints. “I was able to learn a little more about how to find that balance between bringing my own personal style into the design while still meeting the needs of the client.”