“Designers can contribute to a better world, but not if we dictate how they do it”

Ahead of the launch of our Good Design for a Bad World, Dezeen editor-in chief Marcus Fairs asked: “Can design save the world?” In this response, Louise Schouwenberg argues that global issues can’t be placed on the shoulders of guilt-ridden designers alone. Read more

New 1950s Lucienne Day-designed cushions land at John Lewis

A first run of these landed back in February. Now a second run of 1950s Lucienne Day-designed cushions has arrived at John Lewis. The new range is a mix of colour variations of the original designs plus some new Lucienne Day designs too. Specifically we are looking at a Lucienne Day Calyx Cushion, with a […]

Time capsule for sale: 1950s Royal McClure-designed Cornelius House in Spokane, Washington, USA

How does a 1950s time capsule grab you? If it does, check out the Royal McClure-designed Cornelius House in Spokane, Washington, USA. Amazingly, this place has had just the one owner for 65 years. Obviously someone had a love for this 1952 build and as such, nothing has really changed. In fact, pretty much nothing […]