Cross-laminated timber

Architecture students build latticed-wood community centre in German refugee camp

Community Centre in the Refugee Camp Spinelli Mannheim, Germany by Design build

Architecture students from Germany’s University of Kaiserslautern have built this wooden community centre for a refugee camp in Mannheim, which is fronted by a latticed screen. Read more

Anders Berensson proposes wooden skyscraper with decorative facade for Stockholm

Anders Berensson Architects has unveiled conceptual plans for Stockholm’s tallest building – a 133-metre wooden skyscraper covered in numbers, which would be erected on top of a 1960s car park in the city centre. (more…)

MIMA Light is a small prefabricated house raised up from the landscape on a near-invisible base

The architects behind a prefabricated housing company have completed one of their smallest buildings so far – a cuboidal property raised on a mirrored plinth above a grassy Portuguese landscape (+ movie). (more…)