Out now: Concrete​ ​Tokyo​ ​Map by​ Blue​ ​Crow​ ​Media

It’s map number 11 from Blue Crow Media, this time with the Concrete​ ​Tokyo​ ​Map. Concrete​ ​Tokyo​ ​Map​​ ​is​ ​a​ ​two-sided,​ ​bilingual​ ​guide​ ​to the city’s architecture, including​ ​a​ ​beautiful​ ​map​ ​of​ ​Tokyo, an​ ​introduction​ ​by​ ​Tokyo-based​ ​architecture​ ​by​ ​design​ ​writer​ ​Naomi​ ​Pollock, photographs​ ​by​ ​​Jimmy​ ​Cohrssen plus​ ​details​ ​of​ ​fifty​ ​selected​ ​concrete​ ​buildings. ​Architects​ […]

Out now: Modernist Belgrade Map by Blue Crow Media

It’s the series that keeps on growing. The latest addition is the Modernist Belgrade Map by Blue Crow Media. You know the rail now, this is a wonderful fold-out map showcasing the best modernist buildings in a particular location, in this case Belgrade. Edited by local architect and researcher Ljubica Slavkovica and with photographs by […]