conceptual skyscrapers

Pod Vending Machine concept by Haseef Rafiei tackles housing demand by printing modular homes

A skyscraper 3D prints modular homes and dispenses them like a vending machine in the latest instalment of our Dezeen x MINI Living Initiative video series. Read more

Modular affordable housing envisioned for “abandoned” New York airspace

This conceptual scheme by designers Beomki Lee and Chang Kyu Lee calls for using vacant airspace over existing New York buildings to create affordable apartments and public areas. Read more

Anders Berensson proposes wooden skyscraper with decorative facade for Stockholm

Anders Berensson Architects has unveiled conceptual plans for Stockholm’s tallest building – a 133-metre wooden skyscraper covered in numbers, which would be erected on top of a 1960s car park in the city centre. (more…)

KPF conceives futuristic new city quarter for archipelago in Tokyo Bay

US-based firm Kohn Pedersen Fox has envisioned a new district in Tokyo that includes a mile-high skyscraper and infrastructure elements that will protect the city from natural disasters (+ slideshow). (more&hell…

Adam Roberts proposes stacking traditional Kyoto dwellings to create “machiya towers”

Graduate shows 2015: traditional machiya houses in the Japanese city of Kyoto are under threat from modern development, so Royal College of Art graduate Adam Roberts proposes stacking them up to make them more cost and space efficient (+ slideshow). (more…)