1960s classics: David Weidman midcentury homeware and ceramics by Magpie

Looking for the finishing touch for your midcentury home? Check out the David Weidman homeware and ceramics by Magpie. These are new designs with a vintage pedigree, based on the hugely collectible artwork of David Weidman and in particular, his 1963 series ‘Family of Birds’. If you want something with a period look in your […]

Design K introduces its latest Bauhaus-inspired ceramics range

The first collection was hugely popular on these pages. I suspect the second Bauhaus-inspired ceramics range from Design K will just as big. That’s because the new collection treads a similar path to the first one. Known as Dreieck & Kreis (German for ‘triangle & circle’), the range, as you might have guessed, features those […]

Bauhaus-inspired geometric ceramics by Design K

A rare foray into the the home so we can tell you about the wonderful Bauhaus-inspired geometric ceramics by Design K. No, these are not antique pieces from the early part of the 20th century, these are all-new designs all about ‘embracing the spirit of Bauhaus’ with forms inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s ‘Triadisches Ballett’. All […]