The Perfect Small Space Sofa – And How To Style It

Having spent my entire adult life living in two cities renowned for tiny apartments (London first, and now NYC) I’m always game to hear of small space style solutions. So when South Shore Furniture asked me to work with them to style one of their 2-seater Live-It sofas, I was immediately game. The Live-It sofa is the perfect small space sofa solution because it’s not only compact (yet super comfortable!) when built, but it also comes in a staircase and doorway friendly box. AKA you can actually get it up and into your apartment without having to take everything out individually at the store/on the sidewalk. Score! We’re off to a great start. Even better is that it’s literally the easiest piece of flatpack furniture I’ve ever built. And trust me when I say I’ve built a lot of flat pack furniture! The small space sofa comes in five pieces and slots together with ease. Don’t believe me?! Watch me build the sofa single-handedly below: See! Super easy! I opted to style the blue velvet 2-seater Live-it sofa as I liked the idea of styling around a bold, statement-making sofa such as this. I love the way natural light plays […]

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Joyful Design For January

SHOP THE LOOK: fig.1 | fig.2 | fig.3 | fig.4 | fig.5 | fig.6 | fig.7 | fig.8 | traditional | mid-century | playful Hey, friends. How’s your week going? Hope it’s been a good one so far. I’m super excited because this month sees the first of my room designs go live in the grandinroad website and catalog – a gorgeous blue and green living room! Each month, between now and June, I’m going to be creating a make-you-smile style room from grandinroad’s product assortment to inspire you and provide achievable yet stunning ideas for home updates. How fun is that? This is such a fun project for me and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Creating warm, welcoming, gently colorful spaces that make you want to, well, never leave(!) is a favorite aspect of my work. If doing this also gives me the opportunity to inspire you guys to want to make similar updates to your own homes along the way then that really makes me smile! As you guys know I get a ton of my design inspiration from travel, so my friends at grandinroad and I thought it would be fun if I designed […]

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How I Decorated Our Beach House For Christmas

We had planned on construction finishing at our beach house much sooner than it did. Alas, due to various construction delays we actually only spent our first proper night there post-renovation in December! Still, it was lovely to ‘move in’ and immediately decorate for Christmas. There was something habitual about putting up the Christmas decorations that make the house feel extra cozy and welcoming for our first few stays out there. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling very festive and ready for the holiday break. So, in today’s post I’m sharing our beach house Christmas decor, along with some get-ahead planning ideas for the New Year in collaboration with TurboTax.For our beach house Christmas decor I was keen to keep things festive but simple. It’s a small space and I didn’t want to go overboard and make the rooms feel cluttered or too busy. So, I decided to add Christmas decor touches to existing pieces in the space. I placed flickering candles in votives, filled bell jars with small vintage mercury glass ornaments and placed simple evergreen branches in clear glass vases. The result was classic and cozy – I love it!I love an ‘extra’ tree that’s bursting […]

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The Home by Ferm Living, Copenhagen

I was so excited to photograph The Home by Ferm Living during a recent trip to Copenhagen last month. Why? Well, for starters I’ve been a fan and follower of Ferm Living for many years (exhibit A and exhibit B are two examples of many blog posts I’ve published about the brand over the years!), but also because The Home by Ferm Living isn’t open to the public so much of the spaces were new-to-me as I stepped inside! In today’s content saturated world it’s rare to find an interior as stunning as The Home by Ferm Living that hasn’t been in every magazine/book/blog/Pinterest board. I get it: I excitedly pin/share/blog my favorite spaces too but, hey, as design lovers how refreshing is it to see new-to-you spaces that you just can’t get enough of?! Such a high. OK, I’ll stop geeking out now and dive straight into my tour of this gorgeous Danish apartment.Let’s kick off in the dining room because, well, it’s stunning. As I walked through the apartment I kept saying to my husband: this is exactly how I love to see color used in the home. It’s bold but not showy; muted but not boring. This […]

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A Stylish Scandinavian Holiday Party

Last weekend my heartmate and I opened up the beach house and welcomed our first set of guests since renovations finished at the property. The reason? We were throwing our holiday party which was kindly sponsored by Moen! Over the past few months I’ve shared the whole planning process for the party, from the design direction and the tablescape theme, to the party playlist and my outfit inspiration for the soiree! Today, I’m sharing images from the beach house so you can see how I styled the space to reflect my love of Scandinavian design, what I wore, and the signature cocktail that was served! The day before the holiday party I hosted a Facebook Live from the beach house (watch it here) and I talked a lot about the centerpiece decision for the tablescape. I decided to go for an arrangement of seasonal red berries and eucalyptus, and I displayed them with plenty of height so that the foliage was above the line of sight for guests. This was important to me because I wanted our guests to be able to be a part of a conversation no matter where it was happening on the table. With an arrangement […]

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Scarpetta Restaurant Copenhagen: Design Tour

During my stay in Copenhagen last week I ate at a beautiful Italian restaurant in the heart of the city. It was called Scarpetta restaurant and the simple yet stylish Scandinavian decor was so beautiful and on-point that I just had to share a restaurant design tour with you all! ‘Scarpetta’ is Italian for the last piece of bread that is used to soak up the remaining sauce from the plate. While I definitely ate alllll the delicious bread, pasta, pizza and meats at Scarpetta restaurant, I also soaked up all of the design details, too.The first thing I noticed when I walked into the space was the abundance of CH24 Wishbone chairs by Hens J Wegner. In fact, it’s this exact version of the CH24 Wishbone chair – white frame with natural seat – that we’d already ordered for the beach house dining room. I had ordered the chairs online, and while I’d obviously seen this design classic in person many times before, I’d never seen it in this finish and color. I loved it and seeing the chairs in the restaurant made me so excited to get my own set back home. Thanks to the combined top rail […]

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The 14 Things Every Holiday Party Tablescape Needs

Last week I kicked off my holiday party planning blog series in collaboration with Moen, where I shared my overall inspiration and design direction for the soirée! This week, I’m focusing my planning efforts on the holiday party tablescape. As I wrote about last week, my plan is for the table to have an organic-inspired theme with a festive twist. As I started to pull together all the various elements of the table, I realized that there’s actually a fair number of essential pieces that every holiday table needs. So, with that in mind, I thought it would useful to make a holiday dinner party ‘infographic’! It details all the elements that I feel are the 14 must-haves of a holiday party tablescape. Let’s dive right in, shall we? 1. CHARGER | Every set of dinnerware needs anchoring to the table with a charger. Think of this as the neutral that tempers the colors and textures you add into the rest of the tablescape. You don’t want the charger to the centerpiece of your holiday party tablescape, but rather that all important supporting cast member that helps propel the rest of the table to shining success. 2. DINNER PLATE | […]

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NYC Apartment Autumn Design Updates

It’s true: I’m a serial redecorator! Well, I say that but it’s not always the case. For example, I’ve not changed any of the design elements in the master bedroom at our NYC apartment since we decorated it this time last year. We both adore this space and I honestly can’t see us redecorating it anytime soon: it’s become part of our lives in this apartment and it’s a true sanctuary. However, some spaces in the apartments in which my heart mate and I have lived over the years have always been more transient when it comes to their decor. I find it kind of funny that two rooms right next to each other evoke different responses: when it comes to one space, the bedroom, we both can’t imagine changing the decor, but when it comes to the other space, our living room, we regularly embrace switching up the design and decor. All the while, both spaces, one constant and one ever-evolving, each feel like the fabric of our life and equally as comforting. They both feel like home. Do you guys have this differing design approach and ‘relationship’ with any of the rooms in your home? I’d love to […]

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Our Beach House Living Room: The Reveal

Phew, what a week it’s been! On Tuesday I revealed my first ever top-to-bottom kitchen remodel when I shared the full tour of our beach house kitchen. Yesterday, I blogged the reveal of the beach house master bedroom, and now today I’m sharing a look inside the beach house living room! After the master bedroom, this was the next space I designed in collaboration with Sally from The Studio at One Kings Lane. We started the process by going through a bunch of Pinterest boards, such as this one, that I’d complied with inspiration for the space. Then, we sat down together at the beautiful One Kings Lane Studio space in NYC (I’ll be blogging that space soon, too!) to go through the vision my heartmate and I had for the space. We had picked out a bunch of products from One Kings Lane that had caught our eye then Sally and I went through the selections, along with some of her own fantastic suggestions, to edit the space down to what you see here today. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the beach house living room design tour! Over the summer I shared an update from the […]

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Our Beach House Bedroom: The Reveal

Before I dive into allllll the gorgeous details of the beach house bedroom, I have to start this post by saying a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who responded so encouragingly and positively to the reveal of our beach house kitchen earlier this week. Wow! I admit: before the reveal I was kinda nervous (read: very nervous!) because it was my first time designing a kitchen. Although my heartmate and I loved it, as a newbie to something you never know how your work will be received. It has ended up being some of my most popular content I’ve ever shared across Bright.Bazaar’s channels, which is truly the icing on the cake and I couldn’t be more grateful for the generous support of my work. Anyway, I don’t want this to start sounding like an Oscar acceptance speech (because let’s get real it’s just design!) but wanted to sincerely offer my thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a note telling me what inspired them about the space, and which details they loved the most. You are the BEST! OK, back to today and the next space we’re revealing: the beach house bedroom! This is the first of […]

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Our Beach House Kitchen: The Reveal

In the eleven years that my heartmate and I have been together we have moved a lot – not least emigrating to a new country and our new home! I’ve written before about how special and comforting it feels to finally be settled: we both truly feel like New York City, and America, is our home. Moving our lives to a new country and starting from scratch meant selling and donating all of our furniture and most of our belongings; we survived on one income for 16+ months as my husband was only legally allowed to study here while we went through the green card process; and we both lost all of our credit history and couldn’t even open a credit card or get a phone contract when we first arrived. Was it stressful? Yes. Were there moments where we were both scared at the uncertainty? Absolutely. Was it all worth it and do feel beyond grateful? One million percent. The first time my heartmate and I walked into our kitchen at the beach house we looked at each other – me misty eyed because I’m almost always the emotional one (if you’re surprised, you’ve clearly never seen our wedding […]

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Beach House Master Bedroom Design Direction

Of course, we could have chosen to decorate the entirety of the beach house head-to-toe in the classic beach house palette of blue and white. After all, I adore blue in any and all forms! Plus, it’s proven to look fantastic in coastal properties as the stunning Mark Sikes designed Coastal Living Idea House showed this past summer. While much of the downstairs of the beach house will indeed take on this classic and much loved palette (hurrah!), we decided to mix up the pace and design direction upstairs with a different approach. When it came to the master bedroom we knew we wanted to create a space that was cozy and cocooning so that we would enjoy spending time there in both the summer and winter months. My inspiration for the beach house bedroom design came from the first piece I fell in love with for the room: the Sleigh bells paint color | Tiki fabric | Laguna linen throw | Black and white figure art | Acton Tufted Club Chair | Kelly wingback bed | Items not linked are vintage. // Posted in partnership with One Kings Lane

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Designing The Beach House Kitchen

As long as I can remember the kitchen has been the space that colors the memories of any given abode I’ve lived in, or spent considerable time in. Whether it was pulling my mum’s skirt to show her my drawings while she stood at the farmhouse sink of our childhood home that overlooked the apple orchard and rolling English countryside; or sitting playing card games long into the night with my dear Gran at the long, rectangular dining table that stretched down the centre of the kitchen in her thatched cottage; or the bleary-eyed mornings at university sat with my housemates around a horribly cheap glass dining table that was squashed into the corner of a tiny kitchen, digesting and piecing together the events of the previous night’s party (OK: let’s great real it was probably after Noon!); or more recently in my heart mate and I’s New York City kitchen where we sit at a small table for two eating breakfast often commenting how lucky we feel to live and work in the city we’ve always loved. The red thread that ties all of these kitchen-based memories together? Coffee. There is always the smell and taste of coffee present […]

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Beach House Floor Plans & Structural Changes – Upstairs

*Use the slider to compare the upstairs beach house floor plans from when we bought the house to now* Hope everyone in the US had a lovely Labor Day weekend and my international readers had a great start to their work week! The renovations at the beach house are coming along really nicely. That being said, there’s definitely been some road blocks here and there but we expected there to be: everyone we spoke to going into the project said that their would be unexpected problems (and costs!). And, frankly, they were right! Having our amazing contractors from City & Stone on board with the project has been a lifesaver, especially as this is our first gut renovation project. I plan to write a whole post about what we’ve learned through the process once the project is completed, but we’re a little way off that stage right now. So, back to the here and now and I’m stopping by today to share the beach house floor plans for the upstairs of the property. (I recently shared the beach house floor plans for the downstairs, if you’re interested.) Above you can compare the upstairs beach house floor plans from when we […]

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Four Ways To Decorate With Natural Stone

Now that my heartmate and I have finally bought our own home it means we can make more fundamental design updates vs. the rentals we have decorated in the past. As such, I’ve been enjoying researching ways in which we can inject our personality into our home beyond the more transient decorating decisions I’ve only been able to make in our previous properties. One such design element I’m excited about exploring is natural stone. I’ve partnered with Use Natural Stone to bring you today’s blog post that shares four inspiring ways to decorate with natural stone. Let’s kick things off with this beautiful kitchen from designer Pam Sessions’ home. It features Pearl Gray marble that has been paired with high gloss navy cabinetry to produce a stunning effect. I love the contrast between the richness of the navy and the freshness of the gray marble because it creates a sense of balance in the kitchen. I also like how the gray marble only has a gentle contrast with the navy cabinetry. Click through after the jump to see the other three natural stone design ideas! Next up is another striking kitchen, this time from a Bethesda, MD home that used […]

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One Kings Lane Southampton Store Tour

In case you missed the news last week: we bought a house! We’re super excited to be partnering with the amazing team at One Kings Lane to decorate the living room, dining room and master bedroom. I’ll be sharing the entire process of working with The Studio at One Kings Lane to design these spaces right here on the blog and across my social channels. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I wanted to give you guys a tour of the stunning One Kings Lane Southampton store. Click through after the jump for the full tour! Having been lucky enough to look around the One Kings Lane showroom in NYC, I knew that their largest-scale retail store to-date would likely be equally as inspiring. So, I was so excited to explore the One Kings Lane Southampton store during the opening weekend last week. The store is located in the town’s iconic former Rogers Memorial Library at 11 Jobs Lane and in addition to the ability to shop the brand’s product assortment, there’s also complimentary design consultations with in-house interior designers. I’m going to be working with one of the designers, Sally, on the design for our new house so I […]

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Major Life Update: I Bought a House!

You guys! I’m so excited because as of 3pm yesterday, my heartmate and I officially became the owners of a house. Whaaaaaaaat! I straight up can’t believe it has finally happened as it has been a dream of ours since we graduated from university almost a decade ago. I have so much that I want to tell you about the house, the buying process and, most importantly, our makeover plans for our new home. Let me back up and start from the very beginning (yes, I sang that aloud Julia Andrews style!). I’ll me start by saying: we’re not leaving New York City! No, siree! We both love the city and our apartment far too much to say goodbye. We’re calling this the ‘weekend house’ but I’m sure we’ll be out here much more than just weekends because a) we love it, and b) there’s so much more space for both work and play! Doing design photo shoots in a small one-bedroom apartment in the city is, well, a challenge, so it’ll be nice to have more space to work and live in. Throughout the post I’ve included some of the inspiration images I’ve captured of beautiful home exteriors throughout […]

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LCDQ Legends 2017: My Top Ten Showroom Moments

Almost two weeks ago I was in Los Angeles to attend LCDQ Legends 2017 for my fourth year running! It’s an annual design festival that sees interior designers, decorators, stylists, edtiors and members of the design community from across America descend on the LCDQ area for three days of seminars, talks and events. LCDQ Legends 2017 had the theme of ‘Your True Colors’, where designers are tasked with designing window displays and decorating showrooms to reflect the theme. Given the focus on color I was, of course, in my element. Did you see the total #MakeYouSmileStyle window display Betsy Burnham did for Serena & Lily’s showroom on my Instagram feed?! LOVE! Here are ten other moments from LCDQ Legends 2017 that made my design-loving eye smile. 1. The large scale floral wallpaper by Lake August + woven headboard + canopy bed had me craving a nap right there in the showroom while exploring Hollywood at Home! Nine more after the jump! 2. Lara Nesburn nailed this 360 degree Nantucket display in Mecox Gardens. As you know, I’m a lover of all things blue and white, so this showroom is always a standout for me, but I have to say that […]

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Five Steps To Ace Dorm Room Decor

When Lacoste asked me to work with them on styling a dorm room around their new bedding collection, I jumped at the chance! Why? Well, I’ve not had the opportunity to style any dorm room decor since I was at college myself over a decade ago, so I relished the chance to create a dorm room that was youthful yet stylish, while also being attainable. I love how the space came together and thought it would be useful to break the space down into five key steps so it’s easy to recreate. OK, let’s do it! 1. Start with statement bedding When it comes to styling dorm room decor it’s best to start by turning your attention to the main design real estate in the space. In almost all cases this will be the bed because, well, let’s face it dorm rooms don’t offer space for any other major pieces of furniture. Start by dressing the bed in a set of statement bedding, like this graphic yellow, blue and gray stripe design by Lacoste. This is a great way to set a design theme and focus of the whole room. Making the bed the focal point of the room means […]

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Millennial Pink Decorating Ideas From My Living Room

I bought my Samsta light pink

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Ravishing Rattan: IKEA Stockholm 2017

I’m wholeheartedly dedicated to being an IKEA geek. Like, so much so that I bought three books about the company and their design history to read when I was in the store last week. Remember this infographic I shared with unexpected IKEA stats back in 2013? And then there was the time I went behind the scenes of the IKEA catalog photo studio, too. Fascinating! Many may turn their nose up at the Swedish megastore but I’ve long championed the store. I appreciate how my relationship with the brand and it’s furniture has endured through the various stages of my life to date. Sure, I look back on the tiny bookcases and chests of drawers I bought for my university bedroom knowing I would never buy those pieces now. Yet, they served the exact purpose I needed back then. Since then, I’ve gone onto include many pieces of IKEA furniture in my various apartments, both in London and New York City, and they’ve always served me well. Not only that, but they often are the pieces that garner the most compliments and visitors are shocked to discover that they are from IKEA. I think it’s a common misconception that they […]

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10 Recent Design Adventures & Inspirations

First up, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who got in touch both publicly and privately to express support, understanding and kind words in response to my recent post that reflected on the highs and lows of my twenties. Your readership and friendship is much appreciated! I may only be a little over a week into my thirties but I’ve started to make in-roads on some of my hopes for this next decade. Stay tuned for some exciting updates every soon! In the week since I returned from a short vacation in Mexico with my husband, I’ve been busy working on spring design updates to my apartment (don’t miss the daily updates in my Instagram story!), as well as various design events across New York City. So I’m jumping in today to share some of the design inspirations that caught my eye in my adventures this past week. 1. First up is the most exciting piece of press I’ve ever received – a profile of my career to date in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times! The piece was in print last Sunday and can be read online, too.It was such an honor […]

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David Hockney Inspired Interior Design

// Shop the look: fig.1 | fig.2 | fig.3 | fig.4 | fig.5 As a color lover, David Hockney’s work never fails to inspire. His use of color has inspired me from everything from fashion to decor, leading me to color palettes I couldn’t even have dreamed of if it wasn’t for his saturated works. David Hockney’s new retrospective at the Tate Britain has me itching to grab my passport, jump on a flight to London and soak up some color inspiration through the twelve(!) rooms that are showing his art. From aqua blues to coral pinks and everything in between, Hockney’s classic hues are guaranteed to brighten up the darkest of February days – and as it’s been overcast and wet for much of this week in New York City I felt it couldn’t be more fitting to feature some David Hockney inspired interior design! The Kairos Collective have a series of lighting, accessories soft furnishings and furniture that are perfect for inviting a splash of David Hockney inspired interior design into your home. From the spectrum of hues seen in the shell beach rug to the use of graphic color and shape in the indigo two pillow, these […]

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Carl Hansen NYC Showroom Tour

Those stylish Danes sure know how to make me smile when it comes to design. So, naturally, I was thrilled to learn that Carl Hansen & Son have opened their second showroom right here in New York City. Following on from their SoHo space, the brand have now headed into the Flatiron district for their new Carl Hansen NYC showroom. I love that the Danish brand decided to forgo the traditional approach to a showroom, opting instead to create an inspirational, loft-like apartment rather than a traditional showroom. Stuffy showrooms begone – I’m all about more informal environments when it comes to design! After all, you want your home to feel relaxing and personal, not buttoned up and formal, right? So, in my mind, the experience of shopping and designing your space should mirror that, too. Join me in taking a tour through the ‘apartment’ after the jump! Aside from being one of Scandinavia’s best-known brands, I’ve long admired Carl Hansen because they are the company behind some of the greatest furniture classics in Danish design history. From the classic furniture craftsmanship by Hans J. Wegner to modern classics from Ole Wanscher, Frits Henningsen and Kaare Klint, right through to […]

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Six of The Best Colorful Couch Designs

Remember the cover of my first book? It featured one of my favorite London apartments and the yellow couch that graced the cover was a hit well beyond the four walls of my home! Even though the book came out almost four years ago, I still get emails from readers asking me where it’s from. So it’s safe to say that colorful couch designs are still super popular! The great thing about colorful couch designs is that they don’t have to be shockingly bright (although that works too!), but can be quietly colorful and still add a punch of personality to a room. I just bought a pastel pink couch for the living room of my New York City apartment (expect a room tour very soon!) and it inspired me to do my latest six of the best round up on colorful couch designs that would work for a variety of design tastes. You name it, from modern to traditional and club to classic, there’s a colorful couch for you! Let me know which is your favorite? Do you have a colorful couch at home that you love? 1. Classic | I’m imagining this colorful couch in a brownstone apartment. […]

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19 Colorful & Affordable Art Websites

It’s no secret that I love art; nor that I adore gallery walls. In fact, I think colorful art is one of the best ways to imprint your personality on your space. While some people have a weakness for shoes or bags, mine is with art. Confession time: the space under my bed is full with prints and artworks from previous apartments that I can’t bare to part with or sell. I know (hope!) that one day I’ll own my own place with more space than a one-bedroom apartment so I can hang them all again. Having navigated (enjoyed!) this addiction for many a year now, I’m well versed with where to find my latest hit of colorful art from affordable art websites. You name one and there’s a high chance I’ve bought a piece from it! So, today I’ve rounded up 19 colorful and affordable art websites that are great to have in your decorating back pocket when you are looking to add a splash of color and personality to your home! 1. U Gallery: Of course my love of the coast and all things nautical led my eye straight to this photographic print, Fish Shacks Spring Thaw by […]

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Morning Rituals

Here’s the thing. Last year, I fell into a pretty bad habit when it came to my morning routine. You see, as gorgeous as the old Brownstone apartment that I lived in for the majority of last year was, it had some downsides, too. One of the major ones was the heat: the steam heat in the building was locked on and so the apartment was always uncomfortably hot. The apartment was located at the top of the brownstone, with the bedroom reached via a spiral staircase that was open to the living space below. I know, I know, it all sounds very “New York sitcom apartment-esq” – and it was charming to look at, just not to live in as the bedroom was like a furnace all year. This meant that I found my sleep pattern to be totally off: I would toss and turn all night, usually only falling asleep in the early hours of the morning. As a result, I would wake much later than I liked, feeling groggy, hot and, well, far from refreshed when I did. That’s why moving into our new apartment last Fall felt like a total 360 on quality of life as […]

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10 Striped Wallpaper Design Ideas

Wallpaper is BACK and it’s only going to get bigger in 2017. I, for one, am thrilled about it and I’m busy exploring striped wallpaper design ideas and options as I plan to paper

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Bedroom Makeover: The Reveal

During my eight years or so of blogging, I’ve written numerous times about the importance of feeling at home, while at home. This is our second apartment in NYC and while we loved our first year in the brownstone apartment, it wasn’t until we moved into our new apartment that, well, that sometimes elusive feeling (the X Factor?!) of being truly at home in our apartment, finally arrived. There’s a softness to the natural light in this space that I find very calming. In fact, it was this that partly inspired my decision to choose a gray paint color (remember how I was torn between two colors?!) for the bedroom walls. The gentle light pairs effortlessly with the Gray Frost PPG Paints color, don’t you think? I truly love how this room has come together and I’m excited to share a full tour of the master bedroom with the before and after. Click through to take the tour for some gray bedroom decor inspiration! Last month, I shared my paint and decor plans for the bedroom. Before I dive into the full reveal and gray bedroom decor inspiration in my second post in partnership with PPG Paints, I thought it […]

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Holiday party decor: red, white & wreaths

How is it December already, you guys?! I feel like this year has flown by and I can’t believe it’s already mine and my heartmate’s second Christmas in New York City. As much as I love the Holiday party season it can feel like a string of to-do lists and last-minute scrambles to get everything sorted in time, don’t you think? One thing that shouldn’t feel like a chore is making Holiday party decor, so I was thrilled to team up with to share my tips and ideas for hosting a Holiday party on a budget! All the tabletop and Holiday party decor DIY projects in the feature I created for their new Tips & Ideas site can be completed in a matter of minutes, and are super fun to make either with little ones or friends as you prep for your party. You can make many of the DIYs with pieces you are likely to already have around the home, too! These Holiday party decor DIYs are the perfect mini projects that will have maximum impact. The best part? You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to achieve a magical and festive look! So, dive in after […]

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Affordable Art Prints Makeover

It feels so good to get back to blogging, you guys. How are you? I hope December is off to a brilliant start for you all! My brother arrived in NYC last night so I’m excited to spent the weekend with him and his wife doing all the touristy things you never do when you live in a city yourself. I can’t wait, especially as the past few weeks have been kinda full on, in a good way! I have been busy with some great work projects, finally finishing the unpacking from our recent move, traveling to New Orleans (more on that very soon!) and, of course, getting to work on adding some #MakeYouSmileStyle personality to our new place! I recently shared the plans for our bedroom makeover on the blog and then a peek at the freshly painted room over on my Instagram, so there’s more to come on that soon! Today, however, I’m sharing a makeover I did with a super cool Scandinavian design website I discovered that sells affordable art prints and posters. Click through after the jump to see how I transformed my small dining nook (calling it a room would be too generous, TBH, this […]

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Bedroom Makeover: Choosing Paint Colors

Remember last month when I revealed the living room tour of my old NYC apartment and explained that my husband and I were moving into a new space? As much as we loved living in an old brownstone apartment, it’s exciting to have moved into a modern space that offers different decorating opportunities. As the old apartment was mainly exposed bricks, we didn’t have many walls available to paint – and you guys know how much I love to paint! However, that’s all change in our new space! I knew that one of the first things I wanted to was add color to the walls so it was perfectly timed when, not long after moving in, I discovered PPG, who are a paint and coatings leader with many great brands including PPG Paints, which I’m thrilled to using to makeover my new bedroom. Click through after the jump to see my vision for the space, and how I’m finding color inspiration for choosing paint colors that I will use as a direction to build out the bedroom scheme. Mood board inspiration: Bed | Rug | Chair| Nightstand | Flooring | Sconce | PPG Paints, Mountain Pine | PPG Paints, Misty […]

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Simply Styling: New Design Book

Kirsten from Simply Grove and I have been reading one another’s blogs for at least six years or so now, so it’s a great thrill to be featuring a sneak peek inside her first book, Simply Styling. Kirsten loves to help people style their homes and show them how to create a space that tells a story. In the book she shares with the reader her valuable tips and tricks to going beyond the ‘one showroom’ look for a home. By the end of the book you really get a feel for how meaningful and beautiful it is when spaces are decorated with items the owner had found on their travels or had passed down through their family over the years. Take a peek inside the book after the jump! I’ve always found Kirsten’s blog to be a great source of mid-century and Scandinavian inspired design ideas, and her book is the perfect continuation of that theme. What i love about the book is how Kirsten breaks everything down for each room in the house. She takes the reader through her top advice for entryways, shelves, mantels, dressers, sofas, and those pesky little empty nooks you don’t know what to […]

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Black & Green Decor: SÄLLSKAP, IKEA

There are two things I’ve long loved: one, to decorate with green & black decor (remember this living room in one of my old London apartments?!); and two, IKEA (remember when I took a behind the scenes tour of the IKEA catalog studio in Sweden?!). So, it’s no surprise that I’m head-over-heels for their limited edition SÄLLSKAP collection. The range of products focuses on black & green decor and is a limited edition collection of furniture, textiles and dinnerware that brings inspiration from the past into the present. Check out this colorful and creative collection of furniture homewares after the jump! I love how the SÄLLSKAP collection is inspired by Scandinavian arts and crafts traditions. In fact, at the centre of the collection lies an aim to design furniture and decor towards the once-groundbreaking idea of rooms designed for the whole family. There’s a almost tangible ‘feel good’ vibe to the collection, don’t you think? I love leaf print SÄLLSKAP pillow and I’m ear-marking the pink colorway for my living room!I’ve been considering a green and black color scheme for one of the rooms in my new NYC apartment, and seeing this space in the palette has all but confirmed […]

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COS x HAY Homeware

You only have to take a peek at some of the fashion pictures on my Instagram feed to see how much I love wearing pieces from COS. So when I heard that the brand had teamed up with fellow Scandi brand, HAY, it’s fair to say I was all kinds of excited! So, I’m shining my colorful design spotlight on the COS x HAY collection for the latest Six of The Best post. It’s almost a surprise that this collaboration took so much time to come about because the aesthetics of the two brands are perfectly aligned. I love how HAY refers back to the age of Danish Modern, where quality craftsmanship and humanistic design put Denmark on the global design map. Their designers recognize that our world is constantly changing, and that our habits and need for flexibility change with them. Over the years I’ve invited several HAY pieces into my home, and plenty of COS pieces into my closet, so let’s dive straight into my favorites from the COS x HAY collaboration! Which pieces are catching your eye? 1. DML Side Table Scandinavian designers are known for their simple yet smart designs, and the Don’t Leave Me table […]

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How to choose A Sofa for Your Style: The Lounge Co.

Choosing a sofa often feels as big a deal and commitment as choosing the property the sofa is going to live in, don’t you think?! You know when you move into a new house or apartment and that feeling hits you the moment you open the door: this is The One! I’ve moved countless times over the years and no matter whether I was looking at house shares with friends while I was a student or looking for my new apartment in New York City (more on that soon!), I’ve always found that I know which place is The One after taking a few steps over the threshold. Do you find that to be true in your experience also? My intuition for feeling tuned in with properties is often true when it comes to choosing a sofa, too. After all, picking out a sofa is an emotional experience and so it’s no surprise that when you do find the perfect fit for your home that it can feel like love at first, well, sit! Humor me, I couldn’t help it. Still, picking out the right sofa for your style can feel daunting, right? So, I’ve teamed up with The Lounge […]

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How to Decorate an NYC Brownstone Apartment

Blogging about apartment updates have always been some of my favorite blog posts to write. Since I moved to NYC last year I’ve shared the makeover of my (tiny!) closet, shared the transformation of my (also tiny!) bedroom, and blogged the reveal of my (huge!) gallery wall in the main living space. Today, I’m excited to share the final reveal – the main living space. Click through after the jump to see how to decorate an NYC brownstone apartment, join me in a walk through each part of the space and read how we navigated the NYC rental market for the first time! Don’t believe the apartments you see all those millennials living in when you watch glossy American rom-coms and sitcoms! Those vast lofts are few and far between even if you have several million in the bank. Still, I was determined to find a place with charm and character for my heart mate and I to live in. I remember that we were sitting in my old home office back in London one night when we saw a bunch of potential properties on the rental market. If I had learned one thing from my NYC dwelling friends over […]

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DIY: How to Make A Painted Rope Headboard

I’m rounding out September with my favorite DIY project I think I’ve ever posted here on Bright.Bazaar – a DIY painted rope headboard! After sharing my American Flag Bench and DIY Painted Rugs projects earlier this month, I’m excited to post my third #MakeYouSmileStyle DIY I’ve made in collaboration with True Value – this unique and colorful DIY painted rope headboard! You may remember many, many apartments ago when I was still living in London how I upholstered a headboard in an ombre fabric? Well, today’s DIY headboard project shows how you can not only build your own headboard frame, but also create a colorful and graphic ombre effect by painting rope to fill the frame. You guys know the drill: click through after the jump to read the how-to and see the finished DIY painted rope headboard! WHAT YOU NEED – EasyCare latex paint – Utility knife – Wood (Poplar works great and is an affordable option) – Rope – Master Mechanic oscillating tool – Master Mechanic cordless drill – Paint brush – Tape measure – Wood screws – Drill bit – Super glue STEP-BY-STEP Step 1: Start by building your inner frame for the headboard. I sourced four […]

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How to Hang A Gallery Wall on Exposed Brick Walls

Exposed brick walls are super popular, especially on the NYC rental scene, but they can be hard to decorate around. As I wasn’t able to paint the bricks in my NYC Brownstone apartment, I decided to soften the dark brick by hanging a gallery wall. I remember feeling daunted at the prospect of hanging so many pieces of art from an old and uneven exposed brick wall. So, I decided to write this blog post to help demystify and simplify the process for anyone else who is looking to hang a gallery wall from an exposed brick wall. Click through after the jump to see the gallery wall and how-to in full! You guys know how much I love a gallery wall (here’s the one in my old London apartment, for example). Last year, I even filmed an hour long video class on how to hang three different styles of gallery walls for Good Housekeeping. That said, I’ve not blogged about how to hang a gallery wall on an exposed brick wall before. Normally, when I’m curating a series of art for a gallery wall I like to mix up the frame styles to give the overall gallery wall some […]

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New Schoolhouse Electric Lighting & Furniture

Ohhhh, I could wax lyrical about my love for Schoolhouse Electric for dayyyyyys. In fact, with each new collection the Schoolhouse Electric lighting and furniture options just keep getting better and better! Last year, I blogged about their slow living concept that sat at the heart of their spring/summer collection. This season, they are focusing on the theme of “Making Home” and the art of living. The new fall collection went live last Friday and it’s a packed full of design delights! So, click through after the jump to take a peek at their stylish new catalog. (P.S. Anyone who has ever said blue and green shouldn’t be seen has obviously never seen the space above!) The folks at Schoolhouse believe in craft, community and making things that make lives better. Over the years I’ve interacted with several people who work there and you can sense their passion for the products and designs – even over email! I’m itching to make a trip out to Portland, OR one day so I can tour their HQ. I love how their aim is to create the next generation of heirlooms that can create meaningful spaces for years to come. They like to […]

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