Edward van Vliet converts crane into three-storey holiday retreat in Amsterdam

A crane overlooking Amsterdam’s IJ river has been transformed into a luxury rental apartment, featuring three stacked shipping containers accommodating living spaces designed by Edward van Vliet to reference the area’s industrial past. Read more

The Cold Pressed Juicery, Amsterdam

It seems that as more and more healthy-eating spots and juice bars pop up across the world, the interior design and architectural details of those eateries become evermore stylish and eye-catching. After touring the stylishly stark and unique interior of SHOT and the colorful and utilitarian 400 Rabbits, both in London, it’s time to head to Amsterdam! Today we are touring a tiny 32 meters squared juice bar that’s full of texture, color and unexpected details. It was designed by Standard Studio and you can check out the full The Cold Pressed Juicery tour after the jump! The focus of the design is the living tree located in the middle of the store, the aim of which was to provide a calm environment from the hectic pace of the city. The tree is a symbol of nature and a reference to the daily fresh ingredients the the company use to produce the juices.The background and the diagonal lines of the design were translated into the material with black and pink powder coated steel (obsessed!) and wooden slats, which bring so much warmth to the space. As the slanted lines are recurring they accentuate the architecture: both the wall and the […]

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Producing the world’s first 3D-printed bridge with robots “is just the beginning”

Future Makers: the technology that startup MX3D is developing to 3D print a bridge in Amsterdam could be used to produce “endless” different structures, says Dutch designer Joris Laarman in this exclusive movie….

MVRDV’s Silodam block contains a cross-section of Amsterdam society says Nathalie de Vries

The sixth movie in our exclusive series profiling the buildings of MVRDV focuses on Silodam – a polychromatic apartment building on Amsterdam harbour that studio co-founder Nathalie de Vries describes as a “big block lying in the water” (+ movie). (more…)