Bright.Style: How To Wear Yellow

Coca-Cola-Freestyle-1When I was apartment hunting in NYC last fall I popped into the bookstore inside Chelsea Market and picked up a book called Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver for the plane ride back to London. It was the perfect light-hearted read for my travels, and being peppered with tit-bits on New York’s history it made for an enlightening read, too. One of those tit-bits was around the final service of the city’s now iconic Checker taxi cab in 1999. At the time, I remember thinking to myself how I’d love to style a photo shoot with one of the vintage vehicles. So, when Coca-Cola Freestyle invited me to style an outfit inspired by one of their low no calorie drink offerings, I hailed(!) my chance. Click through after the jump to read my tips for wearing yellow and how it can help you live on the light side of life!

Coca-Cola-Freestyle-2Yellow is best pals with blue. FACT! It’s no secret that these two hues are my favorites from the color spectrum, but many people often tell me while they feel comfortable when it comes to wearing blue, they struggle with working yellow into their outfits.Coca-Cola-Freestyle-3The key to making yellow ‘work’ in an outfit is to temper it with a blue foil. In this outfit I opted for a hero yellow sweater worn underneath a vintage-look stonewashed denim jacket.Coca-Cola-Freestyle-4The texture and worn-in look of the jacket adds depth and a change in visual tone to the soft and clean vibrancy of the yellow jersey sweater. It’s this contrast that gives the overall look edge and interest.Coca-Cola-Freestyle-5As my outfit was inspired by Dasani Lemon flavored water, I swung by Five Guys to use the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.Coca-Cola-Freestyle-6It’s kinda awesome that you buy a cup and then have more than 100 drink choices to choose from. Just pick your category, such as the low no cal option, then choose your drink from the 70+ options in that group, before pressing ‘Push’ to pour. Simple!Coca-Cola-Freestyle-7Try it out for yourself by finding a machine in your neighborhood, here.Coca-Cola-Freestyle-8With my cup of Dasani Lemon flavored water I was ready to head back to the Checker cab – yellow balloons in hand, of course! I mean, any excuse to accessorize an outfit with balloons and I’m there. Balloons = #MakeYouSmileStyle, for sure.Coca-Cola-Freestyle-9This shows how the block of yellow works well as the hero item in the outfit. I only referenced the yellow again via the flash of hue in my shoe laces. This is all that’s needed to help pull everything together. If I had worn, for example, yellow shoes it would have been too matchy-matchy.Coca-Cola-Freestyle-10That moment when you literally can’t move in the cab because of too many balloons!Coca-Cola-Freestyle-11I do love how primary colors pop against one another so vividly. The fact that the checker pattern on the cab matched that of the cup made me smile too. It’s weird how incidental graphic matches like that bring me so much joy, but they do!Coca-Cola-Freestyle-12When wearing yellow it helps to work some pattern into your look, too. I chose a dark navy and white striped watch to give a pop of pattern, while a striped under shirt meant I could fold up the sleeves of my sweater to introduce another hit of pattern.Coca-Cola-Freestyle-13I think you can tell that I was 110% in my element here…!Coca-Cola-Freestyle-14Whoops! I was caught grammin’. Be honest, wouldn’t you if you walked past this cab?!Coca-Cola-Freestyle-15Given yellow and blue are my absolute favorites, I didn’t pass up the opportunity to spread my #MakeYouSmileStyle approach via the back window of the cab. Here’s hoping that this swish of passing yellow and bright balloons made others on the road smile as much as wearing yellow made me smile!Coca-Cola-Freestyle-16With the cab parked up, it was time to head home. What are your favorite ways to wear yellow? Have you ever taken a ride in an old Checker cab?Coca-Cola-Freestyle-17 | Photography by Jean-Laurent Gaudy | Styling and art direction by Will Taylor | Posted in partnership with Coca-Coca Freestyle; all views my own.

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