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Dressing for Transitional Weather

OK, so I know most of us here in America (aside from our friends on the west coast!) are still experiencing a deep freeze but there is light at the end of the cold tunnel. It’s that time of year where it can be 25 degrees one day and then 58 degrees the next. While most of us welcome the warmer days, the changing weather can make dressing appropriately more challenging. One day the warmest arctic coat is necessary the next you’re sweating in a sweater on the subway or on line the grocery store. Sound familiar? I thought so! So, I thought I’d share this look I wore in Copenhagen because it’s a great outfit for transitional weather dressing. The key: layers, layers, layers.For this look I started with soft and comfortable base layer – a merino wool sweater. Then, I layered on an open denim shirt and green mac coat (linked in blue as sold out in green). By building an outfit with an option of different layers that you can wear both open and closed it gives the flexibility to make the look warmer or cooler depending on the temperature. I like how the hint of graphic […]

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The Perfect Small Space Sofa – And How To Style It

Having spent my entire adult life living in two cities renowned for tiny apartments (London first, and now NYC) I’m always game to hear of small space style solutions. So when South Shore Furniture asked me to work with them to style one of their 2-seater Live-It sofas, I was immediately game. The Live-It sofa is the perfect small space sofa solution because it’s not only compact (yet super comfortable!) when built, but it also comes in a staircase and doorway friendly box. AKA you can actually get it up and into your apartment without having to take everything out individually at the store/on the sidewalk. Score! We’re off to a great start. Even better is that it’s literally the easiest piece of flatpack furniture I’ve ever built. And trust me when I say I’ve built a lot of flat pack furniture! The small space sofa comes in five pieces and slots together with ease. Don’t believe me?! Watch me build the sofa single-handedly below: See! Super easy! I opted to style the blue velvet 2-seater Live-it sofa as I liked the idea of styling around a bold, statement-making sofa such as this. I love the way natural light plays […]

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Joyful Design For January

SHOP THE LOOK: fig.1 | fig.2 | fig.3 | fig.4 | fig.5 | fig.6 | fig.7 | fig.8 | traditional | mid-century | playful Hey, friends. How’s your week going? Hope it’s been a good one so far. I’m super excited because this month sees the first of my room designs go live in the grandinroad website and catalog – a gorgeous blue and green living room! Each month, between now and June, I’m going to be creating a make-you-smile style room from grandinroad’s product assortment to inspire you and provide achievable yet stunning ideas for home updates. How fun is that? This is such a fun project for me and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Creating warm, welcoming, gently colorful spaces that make you want to, well, never leave(!) is a favorite aspect of my work. If doing this also gives me the opportunity to inspire you guys to want to make similar updates to your own homes along the way then that really makes me smile! As you guys know I get a ton of my design inspiration from travel, so my friends at grandinroad and I thought it would be fun if I designed […]

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My Plans for 2018

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely break over the holidays? I arrived home in NYC from Norway late last night. My heart mate and I had an incredible vacation there between Christmas and New Year. You may have seen some of the pictures I shared on Instagram? Oh my, I just fell into love with Norway alllllll over again. I think it’s one of, if not the most, beautiful countries I’ve visited. It was so nice to travel for pleasure vs. work – it’s been a long time since we took a trip that was just for us. We hiked, we talked, we read, we cooked, we laughed, we cuddled. It was the best! I also had the time to practice my photography without pressure or guidelines, and it felt amazing to have the space and time to do that. Photography has always been one of my favorite parts of the content creation I work on for Bright.Bazaar. I can’t wait to share the content with you in the coming weeks and months. First, I’ve just gotta get through the shortlisting and editing of the 4,500+ photos I took…! See, I wasn’t joking when I […]

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Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

// Sponsored by State Farm® (my social media fee was donated to Habitat for Humanity) and all views are, as always, my own. Throughout the fall I’ve been documenting my experience of volunteering for Habitat for Humanity across my social media channels as a part of the State Farm Neighborhood of Good® initiative. You can catch up with all the blog posts in my volunteering series right here. Today, I’m excited share the final post in the current series which looks back at the highlights from my volunteering day with Habitat for Humanity NYC. I was volunteering as part of Habitat for Humanity’s A Brush with Kindness program, which is a natural extension of their house-building work. They works mainly with the New York City Housing Authority to revitalize community centers across the city. We went down to the Lower East Side of New York to Hamilton-Madison House, which is a housing settlement that was established over 100 years ago, to give one of their classrooms a fresh lick of paint and playful new look.Myself, my heart mate and some friends including the lovely team from Madera, Aaron from The Modern Otter, and my good friend and wedding photographer, Jean-Laurent […]

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Scandinavian Breakfast: How I Start My Day

At the start of this year I blogged about how I made a conscious effort to change my morning routine when it came to waking up. Since then, I’ve looked for ways to improve my mornings in other ways, too. One of those subsequent changes was in what I ate for breakfast. So, in today’s post, the second in my partnership with Chobani, I’m sharing how I switched up my morning food routine. In case you missed it, my first post shared five tips for styling happy and healthy while traveling.Towards the end of the summer I was feeling stuck in a breakfast rut. I was itching to find a quick and healthy solution that I could add or subtract to depending on how much time I had each morning, or how hungry I was feeling. The solution? A Scandinavian-style breakfast. Here’s what I have: – Two soft-boiled eggs – Chobani Flip yogurt – Four pieces of thin crisp bread made from Rye – Cucumber slices – Grape tomatoes – Low-fat cheese or a few slices of hard cheese – Half an avocado sprinkled with chili flakes and a drizzle of EVOO. – A cup of fresh berries – An […]

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How I Decorated Our Beach House For Christmas

We had planned on construction finishing at our beach house much sooner than it did. Alas, due to various construction delays we actually only spent our first proper night there post-renovation in December! Still, it was lovely to ‘move in’ and immediately decorate for Christmas. There was something habitual about putting up the Christmas decorations that make the house feel extra cozy and welcoming for our first few stays out there. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling very festive and ready for the holiday break. So, in today’s post I’m sharing our beach house Christmas decor, along with some get-ahead planning ideas for the New Year in collaboration with TurboTax.For our beach house Christmas decor I was keen to keep things festive but simple. It’s a small space and I didn’t want to go overboard and make the rooms feel cluttered or too busy. So, I decided to add Christmas decor touches to existing pieces in the space. I placed flickering candles in votives, filled bell jars with small vintage mercury glass ornaments and placed simple evergreen branches in clear glass vases. The result was classic and cozy – I love it!I love an ‘extra’ tree that’s bursting […]

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Habitat for Humanity’s A Brush with Kindness Program

// Sponsored by State Farm® (my social media fee was donated to Habitat for Humanity) and all views are, as always, my own. Before I took part in my A Brush with Kindness volunteering event with Habitat for Humanity, I stopped by their NYC corporate office to meet with their volunteering team. I was keen to find out more about their A Brush with Kindness program, and also what it is like to volunteer for them. Today, I wanted to share what I learned from the Habitat for Humanity team in the hope that if you are thinking about volunteering this might help you understand how you too can volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Many of you may know this, but I learnt that Habitat for Humanity is an international organization that operates through local chapters across the world, all of which are local, self-run, not for profit organizations. I think this is great as they have the support of an international organization yet they can also be adaptive to local needs. NYC has very specific housing needs and building homes in NYC is very different than other places in the USA and the world. In fact, Habitat for Humanity […]

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How To Wear Your Favorite Holiday Sweater

When it comes to seasonal holiday dressing, AKA wearing your fav festive finds, it can be a case of walking a fine line between a whimsical look or a what-on-earth-is-he-wearing look! Lots of you guys message me to say how much you like to wear a graphic shirt throughout the year, so I figured you probably like to do the same when it comes to dressing for the holidays, too. So, today’s post – the latest in my on-going collaboration with Old Navy – walks through my tips for how to wear your favorite holiday sweater – and how to look great doing so!Alright, so first up is to decide on that hero holiday sweater that’s going to anchor the look. Perhaps it’s an old favorite or maybe it’s a new find, like this fair isle tree motif sweater one I’m wearing. Then, build up the look from there. I took cues from the sophisticated monochrome palette of the sweater when choosing items to complete the look. I decided to wear a wool twill top coat in a dark charcoal color way so as to continue the monochrome color story of the outfit.I think every outfit needs a splash of […]

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The Home by Ferm Living, Copenhagen

I was so excited to photograph The Home by Ferm Living during a recent trip to Copenhagen last month. Why? Well, for starters I’ve been a fan and follower of Ferm Living for many years (exhibit A and exhibit B are two examples of many blog posts I’ve published about the brand over the years!), but also because The Home by Ferm Living isn’t open to the public so much of the spaces were new-to-me as I stepped inside! In today’s content saturated world it’s rare to find an interior as stunning as The Home by Ferm Living that hasn’t been in every magazine/book/blog/Pinterest board. I get it: I excitedly pin/share/blog my favorite spaces too but, hey, as design lovers how refreshing is it to see new-to-you spaces that you just can’t get enough of?! Such a high. OK, I’ll stop geeking out now and dive straight into my tour of this gorgeous Danish apartment.Let’s kick off in the dining room because, well, it’s stunning. As I walked through the apartment I kept saying to my husband: this is exactly how I love to see color used in the home. It’s bold but not showy; muted but not boring. This […]

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The First Snow

Hey, friends. Happy Monday! The first New York City snow day of the season is always the most magical! I remember last year’s first snowfall in NYC as though it were just yesterday (see what I wore then here), and this year I was equally as excited to head out and explore my city as the flakes fell. So, I thew on my Cole Haan snow boots and ran out the door!Although it looks super cold in these pictures by New York City winter standards it actually wasn’t that cold (in other words, it was above freezing!). I knew that I planned to wonder the city while popping in and out of shops to run some errands so I purposely wore an open coat so that I wouldn’t get too hot in stores. I wore a super thick and cozy cable knit sweater underneath which also kept me super warm while I was outside. The sweater is last season from Club Monaco but this sweater from GAP is similar! The caramel chinos are also last season (J.crew) but this pair from American Eagle are very similar if you are looking to recreate this look!The scarf was the splash of make-you-smile […]

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A Stylish Scandinavian Holiday Party

Last weekend my heartmate and I opened up the beach house and welcomed our first set of guests since renovations finished at the property. The reason? We were throwing our holiday party which was kindly sponsored by Moen! Over the past few months I’ve shared the whole planning process for the party, from the design direction and the tablescape theme, to the party playlist and my outfit inspiration for the soiree! Today, I’m sharing images from the beach house so you can see how I styled the space to reflect my love of Scandinavian design, what I wore, and the signature cocktail that was served! The day before the holiday party I hosted a Facebook Live from the beach house (watch it here) and I talked a lot about the centerpiece decision for the tablescape. I decided to go for an arrangement of seasonal red berries and eucalyptus, and I displayed them with plenty of height so that the foliage was above the line of sight for guests. This was important to me because I wanted our guests to be able to be a part of a conversation no matter where it was happening on the table. With an arrangement […]

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What To Wear To A Casual Holiday Party

Our intimate holiday party out at the beach house is almost here! It’s kindly being sponsored by Moen and so far we’ve ticked off the following from the planning list: the design direction, the tablescape theme and the party playlist. Before we head into the kitchen to cook up a platter of festive foods and shake cocktails with added fizz I wanted to share some advice for holiday party dressing. Sure, we’ve all seen the velvet blazers, shimmering shirts and bold bow ties – and there’s nothing wrong with any of those things. In fact, in lots of cases they bring just the right vibe to a holiday party. However, as we’re hosting a more low-key and relaxed gathering with a few close friends out at the beach house, I wanted to share some tips on what you can wear for a holiday party that’s more than friday night movie night but not Met Gala levels of fancy!It’s fun to dress up, especially for a holiday party, but if you are like me then super smart and buttoned up dressing just isn’t you. If you are nodding your head then here’s how I like to dress for a smart-casual holiday […]

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The Sunday Afternoon Tradition That Completes My Week

// This post was sponsored by Capital One. All views, as always, are my own. I love food but I’ve never considered myself a ‘foodie’. Sure, I love to cook, I love to dine out, I love to entertain, and I love to try and eat healthy as much as I like to indulge every now and then. Yet, I don’t consider myself a food expert nor a culinary connoisseur. Rather, I just love food! Why so? Well, I think it’s because food is central to one of the five senses – taste – and, as such, it’s both the fabric of our memories, and a catalyst for remembering them, too.For me, this is most true when it comes to a Sunday roast dinner. As many of you know, I grew up in England and every Sunday my family would gather to eat a Sunday roast together. It’s a meal that consists of a roast meat (we usually had chicken) paired with three veggies and roast potatoes, served with lashings of piping hot gravy! This was a food routine in our household that happened every Sunday come rain or shine, snow or high water (literally, even when our village flooded […]

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Scarpetta Restaurant Copenhagen: Design Tour

During my stay in Copenhagen last week I ate at a beautiful Italian restaurant in the heart of the city. It was called Scarpetta restaurant and the simple yet stylish Scandinavian decor was so beautiful and on-point that I just had to share a restaurant design tour with you all! ‘Scarpetta’ is Italian for the last piece of bread that is used to soak up the remaining sauce from the plate. While I definitely ate alllll the delicious bread, pasta, pizza and meats at Scarpetta restaurant, I also soaked up all of the design details, too.The first thing I noticed when I walked into the space was the abundance of CH24 Wishbone chairs by Hens J Wegner. In fact, it’s this exact version of the CH24 Wishbone chair – white frame with natural seat – that we’d already ordered for the beach house dining room. I had ordered the chairs online, and while I’d obviously seen this design classic in person many times before, I’d never seen it in this finish and color. I loved it and seeing the chairs in the restaurant made me so excited to get my own set back home. Thanks to the combined top rail […]

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A Weekend Escape

//Posted in partnership with the ACUVUE® Brand which also covered my eye exam. All views are my own. 2017 has been a wild ride and the past summer and fall have been particularly busy and full on. From project managing the renovation of our beach house to two whirlwind trips back across the Atlantic to England for friends’ weddings, as well as running the business and having to have an emergency surgery, it all left me feeling absolutely exhausted. I was ready to escape for a weekend with my heart mate and do all the things I love to do to recharge: spend some quiet time reading, walking, riding and exploring a new-to-me place for inspiration in my own time. So, I headed to Hudson, NY for some much needed downtime. Over the summer I was approached by ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses to try their new 30-day daily wear contact lenses. I’d been wanting to introduce contact lenses into my eye care routine for a year or so (before I was wearing glasses for driving and at the theatre etc.) as my husband has worn and been an advocate for contact lenses since we met eleven years ago. However, I’d […]

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Holiday Party Playlist

I’m not quite sure how we have already reached the middle of November but, hey, here we are! Seriously, where has this past month/year gone?! It feels like I blinked in March and suddenly spring and summer flashed by and I’m back in all my coats and scarves again. Well, to be honest, I’m embracing the cold and the seasonal cheer because the further we pass through November the closer the date of this year’s holiday party! If you’ve been following along in recent weeks then you’ll have seen my holiday party planning posts that have covered overall party design direction, plus a round-up of the 14 things every holiday party tablescape needs. Today’s post shines the spotlight on the holiday party playlist as I continue my collaboration with Moen, who are very generously sponsoring the intimate holiday party I’m throwing with my heartmate at our beach house this year. As we worked our way through the planning of our holiday party playlist this past week, we decided it made sense to break the playlist up into three sections. Our thinking behind this was that it would allow us to group tracks that fitted the different sections of the evening. […]

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Fall Leaves In Vermont: A Travel Guide

Three weeks ago I finally got to experience an adventure that’s been on my bucket list for the last ten years: an autumn road trip through the fall leaves in Vermont. I only had a weekend to see the fall leaves in Vermont but I lucked out and managed to capture the trees at their color peak. Seriously, the colors of the leaves were out of control bananas levels of bold and bright! I loved how the species of trees in the different forests across the state showed their own unique palettes: from one that was akin to a rainbow to others that were alive with fiery reds and auburns. After the jump I’m sharing all my tips for where to stay, where to eat and, most importantly, the best places to drive and hike to see the fall leaves in Vermont. There’s also the video I made showing the spectacular views of the fall leaves in Vermont, too. Come, let’s go for a drive…! Tap ▶️ to watch the video & 🔉on! Join me on a majestic road trip through the beautiful fall foliage of Vermont. 🍁 This trip came at the perfect time for me: I was in […]

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14 Luxury Advent Calendars For The Holidays

Last week, I attended SPACE:NK’s holiday press preview and shared an Instagram Story of the Diptyque advent calendar and my DMs legit blew up! Everyone was clearly excited about the idea of luxury advent calendars as much as I was. In fact, so much so that it’s already sold out on their site! No fear, I did some digging around and found that Diptyque themselves still have some limited stock – hurrah! Anyway, the huge response made me think it would be fun to pull together a round up of the different luxury advent calendars on the market this holiday season! I’m all for a bargain but if you can’t be a little extra or treat a loved one with a special surprise during the festive season, then when can you?! This round up includes luxury advent calendars that range from $495 through to $31 so there’s a range of price points, including several around $100 which feels like an indulgent festive treat but not an all out splurge, right? So, with that in mind, let’s dive into my favorite luxury advent calendars that are perfect for bringing a dash of holiday cheer all season long: – FIG.1: CORGI SOCK […]

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Staying Happy & Healthy When Traveling

1. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE | Staying healthy when traveling isn’t always easy, right?! I travel a lot for work and while I’m grateful for the opportunity to see the world as I do, if I’m not careful it does take a toll on my health. Missed workouts. Dehydrated skin. Lack of sleep. Eating fast food on the go…you get the picture! When traveling it can be so easy to slip into unhealthy habits and there’s no doubt that I slip off the bandwagon sometimes. However, I’ve made a conscious effort this year to try and be better at sticking to my healthy routines to help me stay healthy when traveling. My number one tip, especially when you are flying, is to hydrate hydrate, hydrate! I see a noticeable (and positive!) difference in my levels of alertness, skin puffiness and dryness and ability to adjust to the time zone when I stay hydrated before, during and after my flight. I like to ensure I drink at least two litres during a long haul, and another litre in the two hours post-landing. I’m sharing four more tips for staying healthy when traveling after the jump! 2. REGULAR MEALS | You likely eat […]

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The 14 Things Every Holiday Party Tablescape Needs

Last week I kicked off my holiday party planning blog series in collaboration with Moen, where I shared my overall inspiration and design direction for the soirée! This week, I’m focusing my planning efforts on the holiday party tablescape. As I wrote about last week, my plan is for the table to have an organic-inspired theme with a festive twist. As I started to pull together all the various elements of the table, I realized that there’s actually a fair number of essential pieces that every holiday table needs. So, with that in mind, I thought it would useful to make a holiday dinner party ‘infographic’! It details all the elements that I feel are the 14 must-haves of a holiday party tablescape. Let’s dive right in, shall we? 1. CHARGER | Every set of dinnerware needs anchoring to the table with a charger. Think of this as the neutral that tempers the colors and textures you add into the rest of the tablescape. You don’t want the charger to the centerpiece of your holiday party tablescape, but rather that all important supporting cast member that helps propel the rest of the table to shining success. 2. DINNER PLATE | […]

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A Fresh Fade

I’ve always been a gentleman of routine and never more so than when it comes to my hairstyle. In the summer I like to wear my hair super short all over (NYC humidity is no joke, you guys, so the shorter the better!). However, come autumn as the days get shorter and the temperature drops, I always find myself looking to grow my hair into a longer style. I told my hairdresser, Peter, that I wanted to grow out the shorter cut I had for my hair a couple of months ago, and this week my hair was finally at the length to cut it into it’s new style. I’m sharing the full look at my new cut and this outfit after the jump! I went for a mid men’s fade haircut that blends into a textured medium length on top. In the winter I like to have enough hair so that I can run my hands through it, as well as style it into textured waves. If I tried to do this summer I’d be a sweaty mess (truth be told I am anyway but let’s gloss over that), but in the colder months I find this cut adds […]

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How To Start Volunteering

// Sponsored by State Farm® (my social media fee was donated to Habitat for Humanity) and all views are, as always, my own. Last week, I shared a very personal account of the real reason I learned to appreciate ‘home’, and how I managed to rebuild a happy and safe space. Sincere thanks to everyone who reached out with notes of understanding and support both here, on Bright.Bazaar’s other channels and privately. Some of your stories were incredibly moving and I’m grateful to this platform for allowing me to have conversations with people across the country, and indeed the world, who could relate to my experiences. I also wrote how those experiences, and the process of re-finding a happy and safe home with my heartmate, have seen me come full circle via my volunteering work for Habitat for Humanity. I loved seeing comments from you guys saying how last week’s post inspired you to sign up to volunteer for your local Habitat for Humanity chapter. Thank you so much for joining me in support of this incredible organization. I know it can seem daunting to start volunteering, so, today, I wanted to share some idea starters and tips for how […]

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Sunday’s Bright Reads

Happy Sunday, friends! I woke up super early today feeling all proud of myself for waking up earlier than usual while still feeling really fresh. Of course, two hours later I realized the clocks went back overnight hence waking early all refreshed! Every.Single.Year I forget – anyone else?! Haha. Still, it’s been great as three hours into the day and I’ve already ticked off a bunch of errands and it’s not even 10am – the best feeling! It’s the NYC Marathon here in New York, today. The day is always full of excitement and festivity! I love heading down to cheer on the runners, so I think my heart mate and I will do that later this morning. To everyone running: break a leg! Yesterday was such a busy day, I was out of the apartment for twelve hours charging to what felt like all corners of the city prop-hunting and outfit sourcing for upcoming photo shoots I’m working on. Lots of exciting things in the works that I’m pumped to share with you guys real soon. It was a really productive day (especially for a Saturday!) so my heart mate and I treated ourselves to a late dinner at […]

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Love Over Bias: My journey moving from the U.K. to the U.S.A.

// This post was sponsored by P&G as part of their Love Over Bias campaign; all views, as always, are my own. I can’t quite believe it, but November marks my third year living in America with my heartmate. In some ways it feels like just yesterday we sold most of our belongings in our London apartment, packed up what was left, and boarded a plane from London’s Heathrow Airport with a one-way ticket to New York’s JFK airport. And at other times it feels like a lifetime ago. So much has happened since then: we were granted our green cards, my husband joined the business, I published my second book, we bought a house, moved apartments twice and so much more. Yikes, I feel equal parts exhilarated and exhausted just writing that. Ha-ha! Still, it’s been the most incredible ride and we both feel incredibly fortunate to be living in a city we adore. However, the journey of getting here was far from smooth. After the jump, I’m sharing the story of how I moved from England to America. I was inspired to share this story after hearing about P&G’s Love Over Bias campaign. It addresses the biases that […]

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Let’s Party: Holiday Season Is Here!

The holiday season is always such a frantic time of year, don’t you think? Every year I say to myself that I’m going to be more organized and get on top of everything I need to do, see the people I want to see, and not be lost in a sea of wrap and sticky tape on Dec 24th! Yet, somehow, the months of November and December run away from me and before I know it, it’s two days before Christmas and I’m still sending out cards, buying presents and preparing for the Big Day. Well, this year I’m not just vowing to be more organized, I’m actually going to do it. YEAH! I’m super excited to be throwing an intimate holiday party at the beach house in partnership with my friends from Moen. Moen is known for their smart innovations and beautiful style, which is great as these are all things I consider when planning a party: How to make the party run smoothly and how to make it stylish and memorable. Let’s get started! So how am I going to stick to schedule? Well, I’m starting off today by sharing what’s inspiring me and the direction I’m thinking […]

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The Real Reason I Learned To Appreciate Home

// Sponsored by State Farm (my social media fee was donated to Habitat for Humanity) and all views are, as always, my own. “As I built my house, I built myself.” – Habitat for Humanity Homeowner Since I started blogging almost a decade ago, I’ve been asked countless times where my love for design and the home came from. I’ve always answered that it stemmed from discovering an issue of a British design mag, Livingetc, at a petrol (gas!) station while my mum filled up the car with fuel. I was twelve years old, and completely captivated with all things décor and design from that first issue onwards. I remember it like it was yesterday. However, it wasn’t in that moment that I learned to love and appreciate my home. That story starts differently. It was a cold winter Saturday, early in 1998, in the midst of a British winter. I was eleven years old, Titanic was dominating, well, just about everything, and I had woken up at a friend’s house. I had stayed over the previous night following a visit to the movies to see, you guessed it, Titanic. I remember my friend being upset with his parents because […]

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NYC Apartment Autumn Design Updates

It’s true: I’m a serial redecorator! Well, I say that but it’s not always the case. For example, I’ve not changed any of the design elements in the master bedroom at our NYC apartment since we decorated it this time last year. We both adore this space and I honestly can’t see us redecorating it anytime soon: it’s become part of our lives in this apartment and it’s a true sanctuary. However, some spaces in the apartments in which my heart mate and I have lived over the years have always been more transient when it comes to their decor. I find it kind of funny that two rooms right next to each other evoke different responses: when it comes to one space, the bedroom, we both can’t imagine changing the decor, but when it comes to the other space, our living room, we regularly embrace switching up the design and decor. All the while, both spaces, one constant and one ever-evolving, each feel like the fabric of our life and equally as comforting. They both feel like home. Do you guys have this differing design approach and ‘relationship’ with any of the rooms in your home? I’d love to […]

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10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend? Mine was a mix of work and play. After a super busy week last week where I kicked off the first of the design reveals from the beach house, I let off steam in a hard workout on Friday evening before cooking dinner back at the apartment. On Saturday, my heart mate and I had breakfast together at a cute spot in TriBeCa before working the rest of the day. We did spend the evening finishing up with our marathon of The Bold Type, though! Has anyone else been watching? We really enjoyed it! I always love a drama series that’s set in New York City, even better when it’s based around a magazine publishing house, which this series is. If you enjoyed Sex and The City or Younger then you’ll definitely love this! OK, another busy week ahead with filming for a TV segment (eeeek!) and lots of editing and meetings, so I’m going to dive straight into my weekend highlights… 1. I literally wanted to buy everything I saw inside TRNK’s new NYC showroom. Love the masculine Scandinavian vibe.2. This golden yellow front door was too damm […]

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Our Beach House Living Room: The Reveal

Phew, what a week it’s been! On Tuesday I revealed my first ever top-to-bottom kitchen remodel when I shared the full tour of our beach house kitchen. Yesterday, I blogged the reveal of the beach house master bedroom, and now today I’m sharing a look inside the beach house living room! After the master bedroom, this was the next space I designed in collaboration with Sally from The Studio at One Kings Lane. We started the process by going through a bunch of Pinterest boards, such as this one, that I’d complied with inspiration for the space. Then, we sat down together at the beautiful One Kings Lane Studio space in NYC (I’ll be blogging that space soon, too!) to go through the vision my heartmate and I had for the space. We had picked out a bunch of products from One Kings Lane that had caught our eye then Sally and I went through the selections, along with some of her own fantastic suggestions, to edit the space down to what you see here today. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the beach house living room design tour! Over the summer I shared an update from the […]

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Our Beach House Bedroom: The Reveal

Before I dive into allllll the gorgeous details of the beach house bedroom, I have to start this post by saying a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who responded so encouragingly and positively to the reveal of our beach house kitchen earlier this week. Wow! I admit: before the reveal I was kinda nervous (read: very nervous!) because it was my first time designing a kitchen. Although my heartmate and I loved it, as a newbie to something you never know how your work will be received. It has ended up being some of my most popular content I’ve ever shared across Bright.Bazaar’s channels, which is truly the icing on the cake and I couldn’t be more grateful for the generous support of my work. Anyway, I don’t want this to start sounding like an Oscar acceptance speech (because let’s get real it’s just design!) but wanted to sincerely offer my thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a note telling me what inspired them about the space, and which details they loved the most. You are the BEST! OK, back to today and the next space we’re revealing: the beach house bedroom! This is the first of […]

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Our Beach House Kitchen: The Reveal

In the eleven years that my heartmate and I have been together we have moved a lot – not least emigrating to a new country and our new home! I’ve written before about how special and comforting it feels to finally be settled: we both truly feel like New York City, and America, is our home. Moving our lives to a new country and starting from scratch meant selling and donating all of our furniture and most of our belongings; we survived on one income for 16+ months as my husband was only legally allowed to study here while we went through the green card process; and we both lost all of our credit history and couldn’t even open a credit card or get a phone contract when we first arrived. Was it stressful? Yes. Were there moments where we were both scared at the uncertainty? Absolutely. Was it all worth it and do feel beyond grateful? One million percent. The first time my heartmate and I walked into our kitchen at the beach house we looked at each other – me misty eyed because I’m almost always the emotional one (if you’re surprised, you’ve clearly never seen our wedding […]

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Getting Back To Normal After Surgery

Happy Sunday! I’ve had such a lovely weekend and finally feel like I’m starting to feel more normal after a rough three weeks or so. Over on Instagram I’ve spoken a little about a surgery I had two weeks ago, but now that I’m back on my feet and feeling stronger I figured I’d bring you guys up to speed with what happened. Three weeks ago I suddenly started to get intense pain down the entire right side of my face. It was a pain like no other I have ever experienced and it came in waves. I would be walking down the street absolutely fine one second and the next I would be doubled over in pain unable to move or talk. Fair to say that it was kinda scary. I ended up having a scan around my head which revealed the problem was coming from my jaw: a wisdom tooth hidden under the gum was growing into the jawbone and had completely crushed the root of the tooth next to it, as well as ruin the bone in that area. I had to have surgery where they removed the two teeth by cutting through the gum and drilling […]

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DIY: How To Make A Fall Leaf Wreath

Remember the yummy ice pops recipe I shared in collab. with my lovely friends from IZZE back in the summer? They were such a hit with you guys that I’m excited to be back with another inventive project inspired by IZZE’s colorful and festive Sparking Juice drinks. As we’re now well and truly in the flow of fall I’m taking my cue from the seasons once again. This time, I’m sharing a fun DIY fall leaf wreath project that’s the perfect autumnal decor piece to make for your home. I love how this fall leaf wreath came out and I’m sharing all the steps so you can make your own. Check it out below! WHAT YOU NEED – IZZE Sparkling Juice and cap – Scissors – Polystyrene wreath – Raffia – Leather – Ribbon – Hot glue gun – Felt, in colors of your choosing – Leaf shaped stencil WHAT TO DO Step 1: Using the hot glue gun, fix the end of the raffia string to the polystyrene wreath. Step 2: Tightly wrap the raffia all the way around the wreath until it’s fully covered in the string. Be sure to keep the raffia closely bound and tight as […]

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Playful Prep: Men’s Fall Fashion 2017

Playful prep you say? Well, that sounds ideal for this color and pattern loving guy who is known to have a penchant for preppy style. Of course, there’s the college campus ‘hardcore’ prep look (who would have thought one day ‘hardcore’ and ‘preppy’ would be in the same sentance but bear with me!) and then there’s the softer take on preppy style. While both looks are great, I tend to air on the latter side of the scale, choosing to call on classic preppy style elements, such as the stripe and a heavily layered look, when pulling my outfits together. After the jump, I’m sharing the full details on this playful prep outfit I styled in collaboration with Old Navy using pieces from their current fall collections. Check it outtttt! It might sound odd but I started this outfit from the outside and worked in. I saw this denim jacket on the racks in store and knew that it would be the perfect layering piece for the breezy fall days ahead.Once I had the denim jacket set I started to think about how to give the look a playful prep vibe. I knew I wanted to bring some color to […]

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Beach House Master Bedroom Design Direction

Of course, we could have chosen to decorate the entirety of the beach house head-to-toe in the classic beach house palette of blue and white. After all, I adore blue in any and all forms! Plus, it’s proven to look fantastic in coastal properties as the stunning Mark Sikes designed Coastal Living Idea House showed this past summer. While much of the downstairs of the beach house will indeed take on this classic and much loved palette (hurrah!), we decided to mix up the pace and design direction upstairs with a different approach. When it came to the master bedroom we knew we wanted to create a space that was cozy and cocooning so that we would enjoy spending time there in both the summer and winter months. My inspiration for the beach house bedroom design came from the first piece I fell in love with for the room: the Sleigh bells paint color | Tiki fabric | Laguna linen throw | Black and white figure art | Acton Tufted Club Chair | Kelly wingback bed | Items not linked are vintage. // Posted in partnership with One Kings Lane

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Designing The Beach House Kitchen

As long as I can remember the kitchen has been the space that colors the memories of any given abode I’ve lived in, or spent considerable time in. Whether it was pulling my mum’s skirt to show her my drawings while she stood at the farmhouse sink of our childhood home that overlooked the apple orchard and rolling English countryside; or sitting playing card games long into the night with my dear Gran at the long, rectangular dining table that stretched down the centre of the kitchen in her thatched cottage; or the bleary-eyed mornings at university sat with my housemates around a horribly cheap glass dining table that was squashed into the corner of a tiny kitchen, digesting and piecing together the events of the previous night’s party (OK: let’s great real it was probably after Noon!); or more recently in my heart mate and I’s New York City kitchen where we sit at a small table for two eating breakfast often commenting how lucky we feel to live and work in the city we’ve always loved. The red thread that ties all of these kitchen-based memories together? Coffee. There is always the smell and taste of coffee present […]

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Beach House Floor Plans & Structural Changes – Upstairs

*Use the slider to compare the upstairs beach house floor plans from when we bought the house to now* Hope everyone in the US had a lovely Labor Day weekend and my international readers had a great start to their work week! The renovations at the beach house are coming along really nicely. That being said, there’s definitely been some road blocks here and there but we expected there to be: everyone we spoke to going into the project said that their would be unexpected problems (and costs!). And, frankly, they were right! Having our amazing contractors from City & Stone on board with the project has been a lifesaver, especially as this is our first gut renovation project. I plan to write a whole post about what we’ve learned through the process once the project is completed, but we’re a little way off that stage right now. So, back to the here and now and I’m stopping by today to share the beach house floor plans for the upstairs of the property. (I recently shared the beach house floor plans for the downstairs, if you’re interested.) Above you can compare the upstairs beach house floor plans from when we […]

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How To Dress For And Style A Fall Picnic

Seriously, where did summer go this year?! It literally flew past and now autumn is knocking on the door. Although summer has been great I’m almost always ready to usher in a new season, and that’s definitely true of how I feel right now. And what better way to celebrate the close of one season and the opening door to another than throwing a party in honor of the seasonal change? My friends at Stella Artois asked me to partner with them to ‘host one to remember’ so I embraced the coming autumnal season and threw a fall picnic party! We often think of picnics as a summer activity but in reality autumn is the perfect season for picnics because of the more temperate climate. The benefits of a fall picnic vs. a summer one include: the food stays fresher for longer; there are less pesky bugs; fashion layering so you can look stylish and not sweaty! I could go on…! After the jump I’m sharing my tips for how to dress for and style a fall picnic to make the party one to remember. Here’s to fall, friends! Aside from the delicious food and beverages, what makes a picnic […]

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Four Ways To Decorate With Natural Stone

Now that my heartmate and I have finally bought our own home it means we can make more fundamental design updates vs. the rentals we have decorated in the past. As such, I’ve been enjoying researching ways in which we can inject our personality into our home beyond the more transient decorating decisions I’ve only been able to make in our previous properties. One such design element I’m excited about exploring is natural stone. I’ve partnered with Use Natural Stone to bring you today’s blog post that shares four inspiring ways to decorate with natural stone. Let’s kick things off with this beautiful kitchen from designer Pam Sessions’ home. It features Pearl Gray marble that has been paired with high gloss navy cabinetry to produce a stunning effect. I love the contrast between the richness of the navy and the freshness of the gray marble because it creates a sense of balance in the kitchen. I also like how the gray marble only has a gentle contrast with the navy cabinetry. Click through after the jump to see the other three natural stone design ideas! Next up is another striking kitchen, this time from a Bethesda, MD home that used […]

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