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Shop Houzz: Bathroom Vanities Under $999 (106 photos)

We all know that cookie-cutter vanity in plenty of bathrooms — the one that came with the place and has seen better days. That piece of furniture just doesn’t cut it, especially in a space like the washroom, where every inch counts. Your vanity deserves an upgrade with ample storage, a nice

Shop Houzz: Bar Stools With Free Shipping (187 photos)

From where you’re sitting, the kitchen might seem like a style-free relic in need of a serious overhaul. But pause for a moment and change your viewpoint. A few well-placed bar stools can provide a fresh perspective. With any of these standout stools, even dated kitchens can become treasures.

Shop Houzz: Up to 60% Off Ceiling Fans (100 photos)

These fans will tell you that we’ve entered a new era of interior design. Fixtures that were once strictly functional are now elevated to ceiling centerpieces. Their steadfast devotion to coolness and comfort combines with some elevated looks to earn them a top spot in your next redesigned

Shop Houzz: Chandeliers With Free Shipping (130 photos)

You might expect all chandeliers to look like your grandma’s antiquated and crystal-covered behemoth, but these fixtures shine a light on the latest looks in interior design. And don’t assume that shipping prices will drive the cost of your next sparkler through the roof. We’ve amassed a