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The SHED Project offers micro-homes inside vacant London properties

Lowe Guardians and Studio Bark's SHED Project

Self-contained micro homes are being installed inside vacant buildings across London as part of an initiative called The SHED Project, which features in the latest movie from our Dezeen x MINI Living video series. Read more

Henning Larsen’s Etobicoke Civic Centre shelters public square from cold winds

Danish firm Henning Larsen Architects has won a competition to design a group of buildings in Toronto, with a proposal that channels wind to create a comfortable microclimate in a central plaza. Read more

Los Angeles River could be revitalised with designs from seven architecture firms

A vision to transform the desolate Los Angeles River into a bustling oasis featuring cycle paths, play areas, public art and kayaking facilities features in the latest movie from our Dezeen x MINI Living video series. Read more

Pod Vending Machine concept by Haseef Rafiei tackles housing demand by printing modular homes

A skyscraper 3D prints modular homes and dispenses them like a vending machine in the latest instalment of our Dezeen x MINI Living Initiative video series. Read more