A Thatched Cottage in Denmark with a Modern, Space-Saving Interior

A cottage in Denmark with a traditional thatched roof

The architects replaced the existing orange cinder-block facade with plaster walls and Pomeranian pine wood shingles, put on a new thatched roof, and installed “stable door” windows. Nestled among pines and fruit trees, its traditional exterior belies the modern interior within.

Image courtesy of Jens Barslund.

When Danish architects John Lassen and Joanna Tench were looking for a summer home to renovate, they cast their eye on a thatched-roof cottage overlooking the North Sea in West Jutland. Built in 1967, it was typical of traditional homes in the area—long, narrow, and oriented along an East-West axis. “It was very simple, and it was exactly what I wanted,” Lassen says. It just needed some serious work.