5 Art Studios to Live and Play in

The art studio makes a clear delineation of “his” space and “her” space. His, wrapped in translucent polycarbonate, draws in the light and meshes inside and out. Hers, clad in cedar, is a more private box, as the programming flip-flopped several times dur

Just as water and oil don’t mix, neither do the crafts of collage and ceramics. Nevertheless, a combination of the two was precisely what one creative couple living on Long Island requested when they contacted the design studio in the late 2000s. “Collage is all paper and glue, and pottery is all dust and moisture; those are terrible things together,” says designer Joshua Weiselberg, who went on to accept the project with his design partner Selin Semaan. On a site with just 700-square-feet of buildable space, the designers intersected two rectangular boxes to bring the artists—but not their materials—together.