Monthly Archive: April 2017

Solve Sofa Squabbles (13 photos)

Having enough seating is key to living-room harmony — and it’s got to be comfy. No one wants to be the one stuck on the hard-backed dining chair when everyone else is lounging on the sofa. Whether you have a big family, love to have friends over or live with roommates, there are plenty of ways to add…

Trending Now: Pool Dreams (15 photos)

You know what’s great about a photo of a pool? Imagining spending a lazy day next to it, with a great book and a beverage. Home pools like this aren’t on everyone’s list because of their cost, space requirements and maintenance. But the thought of them is still pretty appealing.
The following…

Shop Houzz: Bestselling Area Rugs (115 photos)

You don’t need hard floors to lay down rugs; even carpeting can be layered with a rug as a launch pad for your room’s color palette. Define the boundaries of your hangout quarters while adding softness for on-the-floor playtime. These designs are popular for a reason — they’re the inspirational