Monthly Archive: November 2014

Bloomberg New Contemporaries

Mark Blower, Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014 Next week the ICA hosts Bloomberg New Contemporaries for the 4th consecutive year. The event marks the show’s 65th anniversary for which Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Enrico David and Goshka Macuga have chosen works by 55 of the most promising artists emerging from UK art schools from 1,400 submissions.

Le 205 by Atelier Moderno

The architects have made room in a thick-skinned, brick workshop building for a family of three – four counting the dog. In Montreal’s Mile-Ex neighbourhood, it’s not unusual to find factories, restaurants, and single-family homes sharing the same block. A recent conversion by local outfit Atelier Moderno goes to show that it might even be difficult to tell which is which.