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On the market: Dirk Lohan-designed modernist property in Ada, Michigan, USA

This Dirk Lohan-designed modernist property in Ada, Michigan, USA is interesting in itself. But there’s another interesting fact attached to it as well. That’s about the architect. Dirk Lohan is actually the grandson of Mies Van Der Rohe and judging by this particular construction, he’s certainly taken inspiration from his esteemed grandparent. Described by the […]

Rebecca Atwood’s Living with Pattern Book

Ever since Rebecca Atwood announced her book, Living with Pattern, I’ve been so excited to read it. Why? Because Rebecca is one of those designers who has that je ne sais quoi about her work – it’s always captivating and, crucially, effortlessly stylish, too. Yet, there’s nothing too try hard about her designs; rather, Rebecca breathes fresh new life into classic patterns, from polka dots updated to random splotched dots though to stripes with a marble twist. Several years ago, I covered one of her previous collections right here on the blog. Since then, I’ve moved to New York City and we’ve had the chance to spend some time together on numerous occasions. I’m pleased to say that Rebecca as a person is just as warm and inviting as her designs, so it’s a pleasure to be sharing a few of my favorite spaces from her new book her on the blog today. Click through after the jump to see more from Living with Pattern! Let it be known that I long to have an open, wooden staircase (as seen above) with a carpet laid up the centre. (Well, I long to actually own a home but that’s a whole […]

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